Friday, June 10, 2011

Week in Review: June 6th - 10th

Greg Mansfield -  President:
It seems like it is busy season here at City Wide—we’re starting new accounts here and there! With the help of Mitch, Jarrad, Kelly, the cleaning crew, and myself we started off a new account yesterday morning. It’s a really neat account, a brewing company located here in the Twin Cities. The contact has already said that in one day’s cleaning that the place is starting to turn around. We can’t wait to continue making a difference and impact at this new account!

Next week we start our 2nd largest account here in Minnesota, this time in the South metro. It is a technology college and we’re chomping at the bit to get started! Joe Choplin, our Director of Operations from corporate in Kansas City is coming up next week to aid in the first week at this account. We always appreciate greatly his expertise, experience, and a helping hand when Joe comes for a new start visit!

It was also a good week for sales. We have signed agreements for a new dentist clinic and a hardware company slated to start this June as well. It’s always nice to see the sales process work successfully from start to finish—from building surveys, to presentations, and then the good word of winning the account.

On a personal note, this weekend I am headed to Omaha to spend some time with my brother and a few cousins. We don’t get to see each other too often outside of family functions, so it will be fun to get together! I hope you all enjoy the pretty weather forecasted for this weekend!

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
As busy weeks continue in the south, we have expanded our territory by another client which kicked off yesterday morning. We have them setup for daytime cleaning at their facility with a couple cleaners working in the morning taking care of their office space, break room, kitchen floors, and restrooms throughout—including a locker room. We have setup a C3 machine for cleaning the locker room and it has done a fantastic job so far. Thanks for everyone’s hard efforts with this new start!

Next week we start our 2nd largest account in Minnesota, and the largest for my territory of the south metro! It is very exciting to get going on an account requiring 30+ hours a night of cleaning and several pieces of equipment. We are attacking this building with every piece of equipment we could think of, including the newest machine out there called an I-Scrub which has some very unique squeegee technology. Here I go sounding like a nerd, but if you’ve ever operated a floor machine, whether it be ride-on or walk behind when you take a sharp turn it always leaves some water behind. This I-scrub actually mechanically kicks the squeegee out to the side to collect up water on those sharp turns so you NEVER leave anything behind, and at a production rate of 50,000 square feet per hour I can’t tell you how helpful it will be… I sound like a salesmen for the I-scrub but I promise I’m not!! I can’t wait to see how well it works at the new account!

In other news I did get the boat out on the water last weekend and it ran great, got up to speed nicely, took great turns, responded well to the throttle, and came on and off the trailer with great ease… but then the boat ownership curse kicked in and I found I had a small leak. After spending an hour on the water, I’m thankful for a good bilge pump! We headed back into shore and I took the boat home to start hunting for the fault in the fiberglass. I think I pinpointed it and have taken steps toward a simple repair and am hoping to dump it in the water to test it again ASAP to see if I can just simply enjoy this thing for the rest of the summer!


Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
Another busy week, wrapping up successfully this Friday. I have been able to transfer a handful of accounts over to Jarad Nickolite who will be responsible for servicing several accounts in the west metro. Together, we’ve been able to walk through each building in detail to get him acclimated and comfortable servicing each account. I’ve been able to introduce him to several key contacts that he will be working with in the future; most of which I am sad to let go. Jarrad and I will be working together over the next couple months to ensure a successful transition. I know he has what it takes in the industry and wish him the best.

This weekend I’m gearing up to play some golf. I have a buddy in town from Iowa and we love to get out and play. Let’s hope the weather participates. On Sunday I plan to race my dirtbike up in Mora which is one of my favorite tracks. A few weeks ago I took second right behind the first place rider. I know I can get him this weekend if I push it hard enough!


Mark Josephsen - Night Manager North Metro:
This has been a BUSY first week of expansion with Steve Reid, our newest Night Manager and Jarrad Nickolite, our new Facility Service Manager. It is great to be with a company that continues to grow, expand, and develop relationships within the company. I can already tell that Steve and Jarrad are doing a fantastic job, and it's a testament to or leadership and management team. I’m very blessed to be part of it!

On a side personal note, summer is upon us. I am in my second year coaching my son's baseball team. It is so much fun to watch these kids start to understand the game more and more each game!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a crazy week!  From 104° to 60° in the course of a few days... now that's a new one for us here.  We've not had that extreme of a change since moving here.  (To tell you the truth, I'd prefer the 104° over the 60° anyday, though 88° would be my truly happy medium.)  :)

Work has been go, go, go here.  New clients (thank you for allowing us to make life easier for you!), new potentials (please let us assist you in making life easier for you!) and prospects yet to be found (we can't wait to show you how you will have hours free to do what you want to do rather than what you have to do!) are lining up nicely.  It's so nice to have that kind of work schedule... one where it's busy and productive and good to be in the office!

On the personal front, school's out!  Kids are off to Grandma's house and the first session of camp.  After that it's back and forth for us for the next two month... I think we'll spend more in gas than we will in the payment for their activities!  It's worth it though.  We love that they get to see their grandparents and the friends they haven't seen in a while.  I never had that kind of opportunity, but I really want to give that gift to them.  Plus, it's really nice having all that alone time with my husband!  Woo hoo!!

~Your City Wide Team