Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in Review: July 25th - 29th

Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Another week down here at City Wide Maintenance, and a good one at that! I still can't believe that August is right around the corner... seems like yesterday was just the beginning of summer.

First off, I'd like to say congratulations to Mitch, his wife Liz, Greg, and several other clients and colleagues who competed in the first annual Minnesota Warrior Dash held at Afton Alps this weekend. Back in February we all signed up and before we knew it, race weekend was upon us. It was ONE TOUGH race, but oh so much fun. We will for sure be racing in the Warrior Dash again next year!

I've been busy with the usual proposal duties this week, as well as editing a few videos for our Facility Service Managers. Mitch submitted a video showing a crack repair project completed for one of our clients with a large warehouse. You can see Mitch's video here.

Tyler submitted a video that shows the job of an FSM as they inspect every area of our clients' facilities. He inspected a client's restroom on camera and it passed with flying colors :-) Tyler's video will be up next week-- stay tuned!

As far as this weekend goes... Greg and I will be in "vacation mode" shortly, as we leave for the Mexican Riviera on Monday for our best friend's wedding. We have never been south of the border, so to say that we're excited is an understatement!!

It is nice to know that all of our employees here at City Wide are dependable with a "take charge" work ethic. Being gone for a week does not worry us as we know that the office is in good hands! Nos vemos en una semana! (see you in a week :-))


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Another busy week here in the south metro at City Wide! I have been flying around town seeing my clients face to face and trying to help solve any issues they may have in their building.

We have completed some extra charge projects, restarted accounts, and paid some extra special attention to some buildings due to some serious VIP’s coming to town, including the Mayor of Minneapolis and some new owners at properties. Thanks to my night manager's hard work! We've been able to get buildings ready and solve issues that the clients were experiencing.

A unique project that I was working on went up in a video that is on our blog, you can see it here or underneath our Video Projects header to the right-- the video is entitled Warehouse Crack Repair. We brought in a two part epoxy and filled in several cracks that needed repair. Other projects that I overseed this week was some hard floor care wax work which is pretty typical for us to do but always appreciated.

Outside of City Wide its been a busy week and month. Several of my friends have gotten married or will be getting married, so I have been at bachelor parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and weddings themselves filling up most of my weekends which has been fun but hectic.

This last weekend Kelly, Greg, my wife Liz, a few of my friends, and I participated in the Warrior Dash. You can see some of Kelly's pictures above. I will be training harder for next year's race. I'd like to shave 7 minutes off my time by learning how to run up the hills faster!


~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crack Repair Demonstration

Check out our newest video, shot by Mitch, Facility Service Manager for the South metro.

In this video, Mitch demonstrates how City Wide can help you with a variety of building maintenance needs! For this particular client, Mitch had our crew out to fill in warehouse flooring cracks with epoxy.

Using City Wide as your one point of contact for all maintenance needs saves you time and effort-- Just let us handle the project and manage the crew so rather than overseeing the project, YOU can get back to your normal responsibilities!

Crack Repair Demonstration from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week in Review: July 18th - 22nd

Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager: about the weather this week, hot and humid! Can't wait for things to mellow out a bit.

We started an extra charge job this week and were not able to finish due to the weather and humidity. We were polishing 7,200 square feet of concrete and we were only able to finish the first part of three stages. The crew was able to degrease and auto scrub the concrete but the humidity caused the concrete to sweat SO bad, that the sealer would not penetrate into the floor! It was kind of like mixing oil and water... In the end, the floor was clean but without the sealer and honed finish we had hope for. Despite the weather-related hiccups, our customer was very happy with our efforts in the crunch timeline we had been given.

The prospecting and cold calling has already started to pay off. Both of my colleagues were able to land 2 scheduled appointments in the first 2 weeks. Way to go guys! Unfortunately I have a bit of catching up to do which is okay. I know it's a matter of time before things start to go my way and the hard work pays off.

This weekend is Lana's birthday and we are heading to the cabin! We are playing golf on saturday morning and having a get together in the afternoon for food and drinks. Should be a great time!


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:
This week has been a relaxing one. 

The weather has been hoooooooooot(!), according to the locals here in the office. (It’s been fine by me. I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the heat. Do you not remember how long that winter was?!  I’ve been craving it, and I know that, too soon, I’ll have to say goodbye.  That's all because I'm a Southern girl and this "heat" is nothing to what I experienced along the Mississippi River.)

At work on Wednesday, Kelly and I attended a golf event. Not to play mind you.  I don't play unless others need a bit of comic relief.  I’m pretty sure that I enjoyed every sweaty moment of it!  I took a dip in the pool afterwards, but oh how wonderful it was be to be in the non-cold temps!  Look at this picture.  It was the perfect day to be out of the office!

The kids are good, enjoying time with the Grands and cousins. They too are looking forward to a dip in temps and being able to hit the pool this week (hopefully). The really nice thing about this separation is that quite a few times, I’ve received random texts from my  almost -15 years old daughter, ones that tell me that she loves me. My heart melts! I also enjoy the talk time that I have with both of the kids. Even when none of us have a lot to say, it’s good to know that they want to talk to me! Not every parent has that blessing. I’ll enjoy it while I can!

This weekend, my husband and I will be taking a trip to Red Wing to enjoy our 19th Anniversary.  Wow.  I really can't believe he's put up with me that long... 


~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

City Wide Tips & Tricks: Hard Floor Care

One of the biggest assets to an establishment's ambiance is under our feet. The floor of your building takes a beating day in and day out. Hard surface floors are often forgotten, and the results can be unfortunate.

Don't take the appearance of your floor for granted! Proper steps must be taken to keep your floor looking shiny and new. Whatever the hard surface, we have you covered!

• Wood

• Vinyl, or VCT

• Stone

• Ceramic Tile

• Marble

In this month's video, we'll discuss the proper preventative, interim and restorative steps in floor care. It will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your floor.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 15, 2011

Week in Review: July 11th - 15th

Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sharpening up on my sales techniques. Beginning last Tuesday, all FSM’s have taken on a sales role where each day we pick a building and drop of sales information and gather the appropriate information of the decision maker. It’s been several years since I’ve sold on a cold call basis but so far, so good. I’ve got some positive feedback and already received one building survey! Once I find my groove, I’m sure I can sign some accounts and begin supplementing some income. This new sales process was established mainly because we brought a new Facility Service Manager on board, Jarrad. Mitch and I have been able to transfer several accounts each to Jarrad out in the west in order to dedicate time for the new sales process. It’s definitely a change of pace but I think we’re all pretty excited!

I turn 27 next week. It’s hard to believe I’ve been with City Wide since I was 23! How time flies. I am getting Lasik surgery tomorrow morning and I’m pretty excited! To be technical, I’m actually receiving PRK which is similar to Lasik in that a laser re-shapes the cornea improving vision. PRK differs from Lasik because with PRK, there is no flap created, instead a layer of the cornea is removed entirely and cells have to regenerate. The process of reaching 20-20 vision takes about a month where Lasik patients receive perfect vision right away. Kelly had PRK a while back and has great vision but she warned me of the pain it can cause a few days after the procedure. I should be able to stick it out with some pain meds. Wish me luck!

Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
Everything is going good here in the West Metro! Extra charge work is starting to pick up again, and I’m looking forward to that. Monday morning we start on another large concrete polishing job for one of my larger accounts. Our crews and night management have been doing an excellent job keeping up on things for our customers, so thanks to everyone for their continued efforts.

Being an FSM is great! We have put in place another opportunity and challenge to our job description-- Prospecting and a chance at some sales growth. This is great because it’s a win for everyone; we really have a great chance to impact City Wide and help grow this company to where we believe it can go.

On a personal note: My teammate and I ended up winning the Annual Fishing Tournament last week on Bear Lake Wisconsin with 24lbs. Not bad for 3 hours of fishing! We did win a little bit of money but more importantly our names will be engraved on the plaque at the local bar for everyone to see :-) Not for sure what the weekend will hold since Lana has been traveling all week but I think we will hang out at the house Friday and head to the cabin Saturday morning sometime.


Mark Josephson - Night Manager:
It’s been another busy week in the North Metro! Our clients are keeping us on our toes, extra charge work is keeping us busy, and as usual we’re busy with building relationships.

I learned a valuable lesson this week. As I visit my buildings every week for my inspections, I found myself over-looking the little details. I got caught up in a routine and stopped looking outside the box. It's a good lesson for anyone but specifically in management—you can't get caught in a routine. It's easy to look past the details even though that's what you are looking for.

Here's to another good week and to continuing to stay sharp! I look forward to the second half of the baseball season and to the NFL lockout ending. I plan to get some fishing in on Prior lake and hope the weather holds up. Have a great weekend!


Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Well this has been a fun, busy week! My week was actually a shortened one as Greg and I had Monday off for our quickie vacation up to Lake of the Woods, as well as having today off as well. This weekend I am headed to my hometown in Kansas for my 10 year high school reunion. It should be a good time-- I'm excited to spend time with my parents as well as catch up with my best friends.

As far as Lake of the Woods goes, Greg and I had a really fun time. The weather all weekend could not have been any better up in Baudette-- 80 and sunny. We caught approximately 60 fish which isn't amazing by Lake of the Woods standards, but it was still fun and we were able to take home our limit.
So with my time off this week, my days at the office have been jam packed! I've been working on a whole load of proposals ranging from a large school bid for janitorial services... to wall cleaning at one of our current printing plant clients... to even a SNOW removal bid!! Ahhh, not sure if I want to even think about that white stuff that falls from the cold sky... but I put together the proposal regardless ;-)


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager

Is it the middle of July already?  Holy cow.  Summer is half over and it's only just begun!

I had a big surprise yesterday.  One of my friends had an extra ticket to the advanced screening for the new Harry Potter movie!  What a fun end to the entire series!  The graphics are wonderful and the movie is full of excitement!  That being said, the books are WAY better than any movie created.  :)

I've been baching it this week with both kids gone to the Grands until the end of August and my husband being in the northeast for the week.  Let me just say that I don't like "alone".  I can do it, but I just don't like it.  Fortunately, I've had some friends step in to keep tabs on me and keep me on the sane side.  So I'm super happy to have my man come back today!


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week in Review: July 4th - July 8th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July! Liz and I completed our first half marathon, and possibly our last! We finished around 2 hours and 25 minutes, and it was a grueling task. I am contemplating another, I did run 2 miles on Wednesday and I didn’t die so that is a positive sign. Aside from that, we had some family over after the race, took the nephews out to the playground a couple miles away, then shipped them off and relaxed until friends came over for grill time on the patio. Not a bad holiday!

In work related news it has been an interesting and exciting week transitioning into a different part of our new roles as territory managers. Stuart, our head sales support from Kansas City is in town helping train us on the process of prospecting, entering buildings to interact with the front desk folks, and respectively gain the valuable information we need to find out if we would be a good fit for them as a vendor. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and getting a new skill set in place to further my abilities-- and of course to help us continue growing and making an impact on facilities in the Twin Cities!

Extra projects going on in town are a little slower this week. We have done some minor handy man repairs for some window seals, scrub and waxed a small set of floors for one of our clients, and just received approval to clean 150 cubical windows in one of our medical facilities to brighten up their inside appearance. Aside from that I am still waiting to complete a drop window clean that has been put on hold due to next door construction, and another client just called on us to help them put to good use some of their extra funds to get some painting, cleaning, and other various projects done.

This weekend is looking like a busy one, I have an engagement party for two of my best friends who are getting married next month. I think it’s closer defined as a “couples shower” but I don’t want to admit to that ;-) I am hoping to sneak up to a friend’s lake home this weekend and get out on the boat wakeboarding for a few hours in the morning too. Otherwise I will drive my wife’s car up to the dealership to get the bumper replaced since she got in a fender bender this last week. Fortunately the other driver and she are okay— it was minor but it’s still car repairs that we would rather have spent on something more exciting!

Jarrad Nicolite - Facility Service Manager:
Is it me or do holiday weekends just fly by? Another busy week at City Wide and things are going really well. Last Saturday we finished a large carpet cleaning job, which went really good and the clients are very pleased. As far as extra charge work or projects go, this week has been a bit slower than past weeks.
I would have to say one of my favorite highlights this week was when Stuart form corporate Kansas City came up and tagged along on my route with me. Stuart was great... and I was able to learn a lot. He put a lot of things in perspective and showed me how to have fun working on new leads and potential customers. Thanks Stuart and hope to hear from you soon!

This weekend Lana and I will be heading to the cabin once again (this is basically what we do every weekend). Once a year Bear Lake puts on an annual fishing tournament which happens to be this weekend. Last year my partner and I took second place and lost by less than a pound, so hopefully things work out a bit better this year!!


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:

What a fantastic week!  We've had a great week of weather and a fantastic reason to celebrate this nation's independence here!  There's no better time to light the fireworks and raise our hands in salute to those who have gone before us to set the stage for this freedom in business, in life and in liberty to pursue happiness.

Business is booming for us.  We love the wonderful trust that these clients have placed in us to take care of them and to meet their needs.  Thank you to you for giving this opportunity!  And for those prospects who are checking us out on the blog?  We really want to show you how we are different and true to our word!

On the family front in the past couple of weeks, we've had some fun in the family while serving others at the Special Olympics Pot-a-Plant tent. We had such a wonderful time making new friends in and out of the tent. And it was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out of the office!  

That evening we hit the Vali-Hi drive in to see Green Lantern and Super 8, both which we all really enjoyed.   It took us forever to recover after that long night that saw us home after 2 AM.  We're not as young as we used to be!  :)

With the kids at either Grandma's or camp on the weekend of the 4th, my husband and I went hiking for a few hours, watched the fantabulous fireworks in Eagan and then preceded to relax our days away! What a great time to enjoy each other and the beauty with which God surrounds us...

I hope you all are feeling as blessed as we are!  Have a wonderful weekend.


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 1, 2011

Week in Review: June 27th - July 1st

Greg Mansfield - President:
This week started off with the news that two accounts need us to start their facilities this evening. Obviously we’re excited about the new contracts, but I know that we all really enjoy being there for our clients—old and new. Our management team and crew met us this morning to walk-through the new facility and they are ready to get to know the facility and crew it from top to bottom this weekend.

Earlier this week, I participated in a conference call for our Advisory Counsil. I am presiding as president and am getting excited for our meeting scheduled for this September. We’re majoring thinking about holding it in Boston, so I’m pretty excited to not only meet up with my colleagues but to enjoy a change of scenery!

I’d like to take time to thank Diane, our Business Development Specialist for a whole year of determination and hard work. Her one year anniversary is around the corner and it’s hard to believe that she has been with our team for so long! She has made unbelievable strides in the past 12 months and has contributed so much to our success. I’m excited to see what she can do in year two as she is starting to get to know our prospective clients for the second time around.

On the sales front, we’re trying out a new sales process with the hopes of landing business right next to our current clients. This approach makes sense for us all, and hopefully we can aquire some new clients from it!

Next week Stuart, our sales support from corporate in Kansas City will be visiting. I’m excited for him to brainstorm with the whole team and “rub off” a bit of his sales intelligence on our team! At one of the past association golf tournaments from this summer, I won tickets to a Twins game, so Stuart and I are going to enjoy the game on Tuesday.

As far as the 4th of July weekend goes, we’re headed up to Brainerd this afternoon to visit my aunt and uncle. Kelly and I always enjoy staying at their cabin—lots of fishing, relaxing, sun, and good company! Of course, the whole reason for the 4th of July is to remember all that has been sacrificed for our freedom. Independence Day truly is a wonderful day!


Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
Whew, we have had a HOT week here in the Twin Cities! I’m just glad that the long holiday weekend is almost here. It's been a crazy week so far at City Wide and I still have 3 new accounts to start by weekend!! We were caught by surprise by a couple medical accounts that wanted us to start a month early. With the help of some talented crews and night managers we're up for the challenge.

I just wrapped up a detailed inspection of our largest account up in Anoka and I have to hand it to the crews and management team for the consistency they've shown over the course of a few months since we've started. Keep up the great work!

I'm headed to the Twins game tonight where they play the Brewers for the second series in a week. We're facing a pretty tough pitcher who we had trouble against just last week. Fortunately we're at home this time around. Fireworks follow the game which should be a cool sight from Target Field. I'm also having some family and friends up to the cabin this weekend for some good ol' fun playing golf, fishing, fireworks, etc.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
A fun week here in the south as we are getting a few window cleaning projects done in the metro area. One project was out in Newport at a newer client of ours helping then get ready for a VIP visit. They did several other projects and we’re happy to be a part of helping them look great!

The other project in Eagan started earlier this week with a water fed pole, and then it is on hold for completion until next Saturday due to their unique schedule. We will be completing some powerwashing and other cleaning as well on that same day.

Another one of my drop clean window projects in downtown St Paul is on hold due to the heavy construction turning up debris as they knock down nearby buildings for the new light rail. That project is on hold until they are caught up in that area. No need to start until we can get their windows clean-- so that they will stay clean!

We wrapped up a large amount of strip and wax work in the south last week getting our clinics up to par and looking great. Sometime in the next 3 months, we’ll do another burnishing job for them to maintain the great appearance.

It is a busy week in the Brunette household-- my sister-in-law is in town and staying with us for about three weeks as she uses my wife as her personal wedding planner. This ultimately means I am going to need to get out of the house as much as possible to avoid learning too much about how these things are put together ;-)

We are still working on the home renovation projects, regarding doors and interior trim. This has been going on FOREVER and we are getting a little tired of it The doors should be painted and returned to us today, and the installation will begin shortly thereafter—Hopefully!

On the 4th my wife and I are running a half marathon in NE Minneapolis with several family members including my brother-in-law John who turns 30 on the 4th. I hope I finish in reasonable time. I have not ran further than 10 miles so hopefully my mild training will be enough to get me across the finish line in one piece. Happy 4th to all, I know I am thankful for Independence!

Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
I can't believe the work week is already over, and the 4th of July is this weekend. Where does the time go?! Every day at City Wide seems busy and things just keep rollin’!

Earlier this week we finished up some in contract window washing and tomorrow I have a relatively large carpet cleaning job going on. What an improvement this will be for their office environment!

We have also been really busy doing apartments turn cleans. I really have to thank our crew for working hard and being so willing to take on the work in such short notice. This really say's a lot about the crews that we work with. I would also like to thank our Hillyard representative for the help of installing 21 new paper towel dispensers and his quick turn around on consumable supplies!!

On a personal note: Lana and I will be joining her parents at the cabin in Wisconsin for some fun under the sun. If anyone knows me, that means some serious fishing... 3 full days, can't wait! I have one specific summer goal and that is to catch a 6 pound bass. I have to put an end to my father in law's trash talking ;-)

Mark Josephsen - Night Manager:
We had a great week in the north. We had a couple of new starts which we were able to make a substantial amount of improvement the first night. It is amazing how easy it is to get into a groove and start to let the little things slide. City Wide on the other hand, strives to never become complacent. I think that is what makes us so successful. We have several levels of management to combat the urge to settle for less.

On the personal front, my wife Jenn and our three kids will be celebrating America/s birth on Prior lake and doing some fishing and tubing. I’m looking forward to a fantastic weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth of July.

~Your City Wide Team