Friday, July 15, 2011

Week in Review: July 11th - 15th

Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been sharpening up on my sales techniques. Beginning last Tuesday, all FSM’s have taken on a sales role where each day we pick a building and drop of sales information and gather the appropriate information of the decision maker. It’s been several years since I’ve sold on a cold call basis but so far, so good. I’ve got some positive feedback and already received one building survey! Once I find my groove, I’m sure I can sign some accounts and begin supplementing some income. This new sales process was established mainly because we brought a new Facility Service Manager on board, Jarrad. Mitch and I have been able to transfer several accounts each to Jarrad out in the west in order to dedicate time for the new sales process. It’s definitely a change of pace but I think we’re all pretty excited!

I turn 27 next week. It’s hard to believe I’ve been with City Wide since I was 23! How time flies. I am getting Lasik surgery tomorrow morning and I’m pretty excited! To be technical, I’m actually receiving PRK which is similar to Lasik in that a laser re-shapes the cornea improving vision. PRK differs from Lasik because with PRK, there is no flap created, instead a layer of the cornea is removed entirely and cells have to regenerate. The process of reaching 20-20 vision takes about a month where Lasik patients receive perfect vision right away. Kelly had PRK a while back and has great vision but she warned me of the pain it can cause a few days after the procedure. I should be able to stick it out with some pain meds. Wish me luck!

Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
Everything is going good here in the West Metro! Extra charge work is starting to pick up again, and I’m looking forward to that. Monday morning we start on another large concrete polishing job for one of my larger accounts. Our crews and night management have been doing an excellent job keeping up on things for our customers, so thanks to everyone for their continued efforts.

Being an FSM is great! We have put in place another opportunity and challenge to our job description-- Prospecting and a chance at some sales growth. This is great because it’s a win for everyone; we really have a great chance to impact City Wide and help grow this company to where we believe it can go.

On a personal note: My teammate and I ended up winning the Annual Fishing Tournament last week on Bear Lake Wisconsin with 24lbs. Not bad for 3 hours of fishing! We did win a little bit of money but more importantly our names will be engraved on the plaque at the local bar for everyone to see :-) Not for sure what the weekend will hold since Lana has been traveling all week but I think we will hang out at the house Friday and head to the cabin Saturday morning sometime.


Mark Josephson - Night Manager:
It’s been another busy week in the North Metro! Our clients are keeping us on our toes, extra charge work is keeping us busy, and as usual we’re busy with building relationships.

I learned a valuable lesson this week. As I visit my buildings every week for my inspections, I found myself over-looking the little details. I got caught up in a routine and stopped looking outside the box. It's a good lesson for anyone but specifically in management—you can't get caught in a routine. It's easy to look past the details even though that's what you are looking for.

Here's to another good week and to continuing to stay sharp! I look forward to the second half of the baseball season and to the NFL lockout ending. I plan to get some fishing in on Prior lake and hope the weather holds up. Have a great weekend!


Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Well this has been a fun, busy week! My week was actually a shortened one as Greg and I had Monday off for our quickie vacation up to Lake of the Woods, as well as having today off as well. This weekend I am headed to my hometown in Kansas for my 10 year high school reunion. It should be a good time-- I'm excited to spend time with my parents as well as catch up with my best friends.

As far as Lake of the Woods goes, Greg and I had a really fun time. The weather all weekend could not have been any better up in Baudette-- 80 and sunny. We caught approximately 60 fish which isn't amazing by Lake of the Woods standards, but it was still fun and we were able to take home our limit.
So with my time off this week, my days at the office have been jam packed! I've been working on a whole load of proposals ranging from a large school bid for janitorial services... to wall cleaning at one of our current printing plant clients... to even a SNOW removal bid!! Ahhh, not sure if I want to even think about that white stuff that falls from the cold sky... but I put together the proposal regardless ;-)


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager

Is it the middle of July already?  Holy cow.  Summer is half over and it's only just begun!

I had a big surprise yesterday.  One of my friends had an extra ticket to the advanced screening for the new Harry Potter movie!  What a fun end to the entire series!  The graphics are wonderful and the movie is full of excitement!  That being said, the books are WAY better than any movie created.  :)

I've been baching it this week with both kids gone to the Grands until the end of August and my husband being in the northeast for the week.  Let me just say that I don't like "alone".  I can do it, but I just don't like it.  Fortunately, I've had some friends step in to keep tabs on me and keep me on the sane side.  So I'm super happy to have my man come back today!


~Your City Wide Team