Friday, July 8, 2011

Week in Review: July 4th - July 8th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July! Liz and I completed our first half marathon, and possibly our last! We finished around 2 hours and 25 minutes, and it was a grueling task. I am contemplating another, I did run 2 miles on Wednesday and I didn’t die so that is a positive sign. Aside from that, we had some family over after the race, took the nephews out to the playground a couple miles away, then shipped them off and relaxed until friends came over for grill time on the patio. Not a bad holiday!

In work related news it has been an interesting and exciting week transitioning into a different part of our new roles as territory managers. Stuart, our head sales support from Kansas City is in town helping train us on the process of prospecting, entering buildings to interact with the front desk folks, and respectively gain the valuable information we need to find out if we would be a good fit for them as a vendor. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and getting a new skill set in place to further my abilities-- and of course to help us continue growing and making an impact on facilities in the Twin Cities!

Extra projects going on in town are a little slower this week. We have done some minor handy man repairs for some window seals, scrub and waxed a small set of floors for one of our clients, and just received approval to clean 150 cubical windows in one of our medical facilities to brighten up their inside appearance. Aside from that I am still waiting to complete a drop window clean that has been put on hold due to next door construction, and another client just called on us to help them put to good use some of their extra funds to get some painting, cleaning, and other various projects done.

This weekend is looking like a busy one, I have an engagement party for two of my best friends who are getting married next month. I think it’s closer defined as a “couples shower” but I don’t want to admit to that ;-) I am hoping to sneak up to a friend’s lake home this weekend and get out on the boat wakeboarding for a few hours in the morning too. Otherwise I will drive my wife’s car up to the dealership to get the bumper replaced since she got in a fender bender this last week. Fortunately the other driver and she are okay— it was minor but it’s still car repairs that we would rather have spent on something more exciting!

Jarrad Nicolite - Facility Service Manager:
Is it me or do holiday weekends just fly by? Another busy week at City Wide and things are going really well. Last Saturday we finished a large carpet cleaning job, which went really good and the clients are very pleased. As far as extra charge work or projects go, this week has been a bit slower than past weeks.
I would have to say one of my favorite highlights this week was when Stuart form corporate Kansas City came up and tagged along on my route with me. Stuart was great... and I was able to learn a lot. He put a lot of things in perspective and showed me how to have fun working on new leads and potential customers. Thanks Stuart and hope to hear from you soon!

This weekend Lana and I will be heading to the cabin once again (this is basically what we do every weekend). Once a year Bear Lake puts on an annual fishing tournament which happens to be this weekend. Last year my partner and I took second place and lost by less than a pound, so hopefully things work out a bit better this year!!


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:

What a fantastic week!  We've had a great week of weather and a fantastic reason to celebrate this nation's independence here!  There's no better time to light the fireworks and raise our hands in salute to those who have gone before us to set the stage for this freedom in business, in life and in liberty to pursue happiness.

Business is booming for us.  We love the wonderful trust that these clients have placed in us to take care of them and to meet their needs.  Thank you to you for giving this opportunity!  And for those prospects who are checking us out on the blog?  We really want to show you how we are different and true to our word!

On the family front in the past couple of weeks, we've had some fun in the family while serving others at the Special Olympics Pot-a-Plant tent. We had such a wonderful time making new friends in and out of the tent. And it was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out of the office!  

That evening we hit the Vali-Hi drive in to see Green Lantern and Super 8, both which we all really enjoyed.   It took us forever to recover after that long night that saw us home after 2 AM.  We're not as young as we used to be!  :)

With the kids at either Grandma's or camp on the weekend of the 4th, my husband and I went hiking for a few hours, watched the fantabulous fireworks in Eagan and then preceded to relax our days away! What a great time to enjoy each other and the beauty with which God surrounds us...

I hope you all are feeling as blessed as we are!  Have a wonderful weekend.


~Your City Wide Team