Friday, August 5, 2011

Week in Review: August 1st - 5th

Shalee ~ Administration Manager
Another summer week has shot by me too quickly!  My lands - it's August, and the MN State Fair is just around the corner... I can almost taste those funnel cakes, pot roast bowls and fried everything on a stick! 

This week, I have enjoyed this glorious weather, though not enough.  I really should have convinced my husband to go for a hike. I know that these wonderful temps won't last forever, so I need to absorb as much as I can until it completely hibernates for another 6 months.   I have a feeling that a lot grilling is going to be in my future too...

Greg and Kelly have been out this week, celebrating the marriage of a couple of good friends.  I sure hope that they are having a spectacular time there and come back refreshed and content.

On Monday, Mitch and I tried to man the tent at the BOMA golf event, but after sitting in a torrential downpour for about 3 hours, they finally called it.  It was a waste of a day, but I really enjoyed getting to talk to Mitch that long!  He's pretty good company (for being a young punk).

I celebrated the fact that my husband is still married to me after 19 years!  (He would say the same.  :) )  We visited Red Wing and stayed in a fabulous B&B called The Golden Lantern Inn.  It was perfect in every way for us!  I highly recommend that you visit it as the house was gorgeous, the bedding magnificantly comfortable and the food très délicieux!  Tell them that Shalee sent you.  I'd love to have a free night if y'all go and tell them that I sent you!

We also enjoyed Rusty's Red Wing River Ride where we viewed many eagles in their natural habitat.  The day was perfect for that trip!  We also visited Rudy and his winery at the Valley Vineyard where the wine was tasty and the people friendly as can be!  It was a fantabulous weekend all around and I'm just very happy that I get to experience it with my wonderful man.


Mitch - Facility Service Manager
Busy week here in the South while Greg is on vacation we have LOTS going on! 

Shalee and I got rained out of a golf event however that didn’t stop us from parking ourselves under our tent at hole 7 waiting anxiously for the rain to give up and the first golfer to come.  They never came, they called it off 3 hours later, oh well. 

After we wrapped that up I ran out in to the field to go check up on several things including a strip and wax job that was done covering approximately 6,000 square feet of hallways and break rooms throughout one of our oldest customers buildings.  Then I shot out and checked on a broken rest room stall partition door and tile repair that I had getting done for one of our clients.  Somehow the door simply fell off the pegs that held it in place, and it cracked 3 wall tiles on its way down.  We were able to fix the door for match the tiles as best we could find from our local tile shops, and install those so they had a normal looking rest room again. 

Other items this week… we have been very busy helping one of our apartment complex customers get ready for their National Night Out or Night to Unite events they had going on at their respective facilities, we were not there personally but did get our names out there by donating gift cards for them to raffle off to their community of residents.  It sounds like the events went very well at the ones I spoke with today, so congrats to them!

In outside of the office news, I have been incredibly busy and out of town EVERY weekend for the last 5 weeks and am thoroughly excited to be home in town this weekend with no major plans.  I will be stopping out to check in on a client of ours that has 3 banquet events occurring on the property and just helping make sure everything is setup right on our end, and that the main entries to the buildings are clean and ready for the next event. I hope to make a quick trip down to Owatanna to get some new arrows cut for my bow so I can start practicing since bow season opens in about 6 weeks!

Last weekend two of my best friends got married, and it was quite the celebration out in the heat in Wisconsin.  We were at St Croix National golf club which is a very nice course from what I’ve seen, however the heat was incredible at about 92 degrees with tons of humidity…it was hot standing up there as a groomsmen but worth every bit to be part of the special day and celebrations. 

Catch up with you all next week!


Jarrad - Facility Service Manager
Everything is good in the West Metro! 

My Monday started off pretty crazy….I believe I was in a tornado in Plymouth

I had just finished up visiting one of my account and the wind and rain was blowing so hard I decided I would wait it out for a bit in there lobby before I ran to my car.  I sat there for 10 minutes and it wasn’t letting up any. The wind and rain was blowing from the west pretty hard and all of a sudden it switched in an instant and started blowing from the east.  It was raining and blowing from the east so hard you couldn’t see 3 feet in front of you.  All of a sudden the power went out in the facility and it was over.  I looked across the street and noticed a very large tree had blown over and knocked down the power lines and a transformer which was laying in the street blocking the entrance into there parking lot, the power lines actually started the tree on fire.  There were several people watching this by now and a few people had called the fire department.  I thought to myself if I don’t leave now I will be stuck here the rest of the day…

I still had a bunch of stuff to do and then I saw a Jimmy Johns delivery driver pull into the entrance and turn around.  This was my opportunity to get out of there.  I ran to my car and pulled out of the entrance being very careful not to run over a power line.  As I heading up the street there were trees laying all over in the street so I had to hop the curb to get around them.  I had taken the next available right and headed down the road only to notice more tree’s blocking the road, I dodged those and pulled up to the street light…of course no power to the street lights.  So I thought lets try this one last time, I took the next right and headed down the hill only to spot a river running over the road so I had to turn around.  To make a long story short, I was able to find my way out of there taking a bunch of back roads and continued on with my day. 


Other then that, we have a pretty large extra charge project coming up this weekend.  We are auto scrubbing 60,000 sq feet of concrete in a warehouse and stripping and waxing there VCT tile floors and doing a bunch of miscellaneous cleaning.  Should be a real good project!


Tyler- Facility Service Manager
The past few weeks at City Wide have been pretty exciting with the new sales process we the FSM’s are implementing. So far in a few weeks I’ve set 3 appointments to meet with potential customers and provide them with a quote for cleaning. I’m hoping to land a few contracts over the next month. About 4 or 5 years ago I sold websites for another company and have used the knowledge gained from that position with the new sales project here at City Wide.

We’ve also started 3 new accounts in the north this week. A day clean that involves some parking lot cleaning, a medical building where I started a new Service Provider and a packaging company up in Fridley. So far everything has started without a hitch. I most excited about starting the new Service Provider in Champlin. They are very excited about growing their company with us and plan to have a long lasting relationship with CityWide. That sort of enthusiasm gets me excited!

I’m getting excited for the upcoming football season. It should be interesting with all the moves team’s have made, especially with McNabb at the helm for the Vikes. I’m hoping the Twins can put something together here towards the end of the season to make a push for the playoffs. The fall just isn’t as fun without knowing your home team will be playing post season baseball… Otherwise this summer has been pretty good. I’ve been racing a lot of motocross and playing a lot of golf. Can you tell, I like to be outdoors!


~Your City Wide Team