Friday, August 26, 2011

Week in Review: August 22nd - August 26th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Another busy week here at City Wide in the South Metro. I have been all over town this week making extra visits each day and working from my laptop in the car to get as many inspections in because I am off this Friday for my sister in law’s wedding. Lots of projects to talk about here this week.

We completed two major carpet cleaning jobs totaling approximately 1.4 acres! One was a very difficult project at an apartment complex we clean. The normal stains of spills, garbage bag leaks, dirty feet tracks were no issue. The issue was the dreaded tar. We found that when they completed a new asphalt project a few weeks ago they brought a lot of it in on their feet and tracked it heavily and deeply into the carpet. We tried 4 different methods of cleaning it with 3-4 different degreasing chemicals that wouldn’t even touch the tar! We ended up using a surface manual application solvent that was able to cut the tar, then steam clean past the spot. This took a lot of time at each entry but the customer very much appreciated it.
Another major carpet job we did in Apple Valley we have cleaned twice a year for the last 3 years now. it’s a very large project that takes the weekend to get done with 2 trucks running, and different methods to attach the various spots and traffic patterns throughout the facility. I had another very happy customer coming in on Monday morning this week.

I'm working on submitting a large parking lot proposal to get done last minute here before we run out of acceptable weather. We are hoping to sealcoat their lot, restripe, infrared heat and patch several areas, and possibly rebuild an access ramp to one of their dock doors for roll in and forklift access. I hope we get a shot at that. If we do, it will be a very quick setup to complete by mid September.

This weekend as I mentioned above, my sister-in-law is getting married. I am very excited for this event because all the people from Louisiana that I visit are going to be up here to see a bit of what Minnesota has to offer! The wedding is taking place at my in-law's farm where my wife and I had our wedding so it will be fun to see a completely different style and type of event at the same location with 60% of the same people attending. Cant wait to head down Thursday night to help setup for the big da and to play some golf inbetween.


Mark Josephsen - Night Manager:
After a week of vacation it was good to get back to work and return to civilization. This week we completed a round of carpet cleaning, wet burnishing, and viper grout tooling at several accounts. I am always amazed to see the results of a viper tooling job! We cleaned some of the dirtiest showers in an industrial building this week and the results were fantastic. If you have grout that needs to be cleaned I highly recommend using this service. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend. I will be fishing and playing some golf.

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Another week has flown by, and what a gorgeous one it has been!

Monday started out perfectly with a make-up golf day for BOMA.  The weather, the atmosphere, the fun... it was an absolutely perfect way to begin the work week.  Kelly was a wonderful companion again.  I love her humor and her ease with the long hours and meeting new people.

The rest of the week flowed well.  I had a couple of work from home days because my son had the first of several back to school meetings and my daughter had a serious dental appointment for her braces.  (She was begging to bake artisan bread that day, but I kept telling her that her teeth would hurt and she wouldn't be able to eat it.  She grudgingly said that she wouldn't make the bread because "her teeth would NOT hurt that much!!", but I have to admit that I had a tiny bit of satisfaction when she walked out of the office and sheepishly said, "My teeth really DO hurt."  Ahh, the joy of being correct with a teenager!)

This weekend we're attending two birthday parties - one for our friend and another for our daughter.  She turned 15 in July when she was at the Grand's house, so we're trying to get her celebration in now that they're home for good!  We'll be eating walking tacos and cupcakes at a Lebanon Hills park and then we'll shoot over to Feed My Starving Children for a working birthday party.  She loves that place; it's great knowing that you're having fun and helping people!


~Your City Wide Team