Friday, August 12, 2011

Week In Review: August 8th - 12th

Greg Mansfield - President:
Well it has been a busy week here at City Wide as Kelly and I arrived back to Minnesota from our trip to Mexico. We were lucky enough to take part in my best friend's wedding which was held at the amazingly beautiful Barcelo Maya resort down in the Riviera. It is always a little hard to come back to the "real world" but it has been a very busy week which is helpful with the transition!

I've primarily been busy with the set up of a few new accounts which are two large office properties here in the Twin Cities. We're slated to start the account in September and we're all very excited about the new clients!

On Wednesday, the whole City Wide team enjoyed a day out on the lake in celebration of a fantastic 2011 so far. We rented a launch boat on Mille Lacs and had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather, great company, and the exciting fishing. It was very nice to get out of the office and spend time with one another outside of the rhelm of work.

This week we also nailed down the details for our Performance Group Convention which is being held in Boston this fall. It is always exciting to get together with a few of my best colleagues in City Wide (as well as friends) and brainstorm ways to continue growth and success. I may or may not come back to Minnesota was a "bahh-sten" accent ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Like Greg mentioned above, this week has been all about transitioning back into the work world after enjoying Mexico for a week. There has been a lot of excitement and work to be tended to this week, so the transition hasn't been too hard!

Since I don't have much to report from my corner of the office, I'm in charge of giving the "play by play" in photos from this week's Celebratory Fishing Outting.
Mark caught his first fish EVER!
Shalee caught a crawfish TWICE!
It was very feisty and wanted to fight...

Mark, Tyler, and Steve enjoying the day out of the office...
Jarrad, Greg, and Jim fishing away...
A few rain clouds rolled through and we were lucky enough to see a pretty fabulous rainbow on the water. It was amazing!
It must have been the luck of the Irish because Shalee then caught two really big small-mouth bass!
Eric was the only one to catch a walleye!
Tyler pulled in a really nice small-mouth bass...

And then Jarrad pulled in a show-stopper-- a 6 pound small mouth bass!
This fish was HUGE!!!
Of course Mitch couldn't let Jarrad "steal" all of the attention... he promptly pulled in this monster perch ;-)
The night was absolutely gorgeous. Check out some of the scenery on the lake!
Overall it was a GREAT night. Thanks for all who came out to celebrate a year's worth of hard work, perserverance, and dedication to City Wide! :-)


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
What a busy week here in the South Metro, I cannot believe how fast everything flew by! We have been doing a lot of apartment turn cleans this last week. They take up a lot of time to check completed work and verify that it is done properly. Also I have spent a lot of time on a newer client’s site making sure that the regular daily work has been getting done properly since it’s a unique property and has some areas that need a little more attention than others.

This week we also did a Diamond Pad floor finish in NE Minneapolis at a very nice condo association lobby. When we were done the customer emailed me that that the “Floor looks like it was just installed!” which is the #1 compliment you can ask for. This is a unique floor process that we offer that no one in town offers. It brings out the true shine in the floor and requires minimum maintenance in the future once it is complete.

I’m sure several people are going to post about how awesome our fishing trip to Lake Mille Lacs was on Wednesday afternoon! It was really nice to get out of the office and hang out with co-workers and to catch fish on the water on a beautiful night! Captain Ron took great care of us and there were records set… Mark caught the first fish, and HIS FIRST fish ever which is quite entertaining, Shalee caught the her first fish along with a couple crawfish. I caught the smallest fish…a 4” perch and Jarrad caught the monster of the sea a giant small mouth bass. Great trip, left us a little tired come Thursday morning but it was all worth it.

Looking forward to the weekend here. I’m heading to the range with a friend of mine to shoot our rifles a bit and do some skeet shooting with his shotgun (something I haven’t done in a while). My wife is hosting a bachelorette party on Saturday for her sister and all of her friends so around 9pm I get to be the lucky driver cruising the ladies around town along with my co-pilot and 10 day old newly-wed buddy Matt. Should be an entertaining weekend!


Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
On Tuesday we had a couple of big cleans going on, including another 30,000 square foot auto scrub job. One of our customers had some very important people flying in from Chicago to look at some of their properties. I’m really glad that we were able to help them out! I have to thank our crew for working some late hours to make this all happen!

On Wednesday morning I got a call from one of our clients saying a building next to theirs had a water pipe burst overnight and that they needed emergency water extraction. Thankfully we were able to get all the water sucked up and dried out by 10:30am! It is instances like this that really show our clients how valuable City Wide is to them. They were very grateful for us getting out to help on short notice.

Wednesday was also a great day as we all worked until noon and then headed up to Lake Mille Lacs for the First Annual City Wide Walleye launch which was a blast!! I have to give a big thanks to Greg and City Wide for putting this together, for all of us. I think everyone caught a fish and had a real good time. Lastly, I want to thank Shalee for letting me cast my line in her “sweet spot” because I ended up catching a 6lbs smallmouth bass out of the deal, the biggest bass I have ever caught! I took it to the taxidermist Thursday morning and when it's done it will be hanging above my desk in the office for everyone to see.

This weekend should also be fun. Lana and I have a couple of friends coming up from Nebraska to join us at the cabin.


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:
What a great week!

The weather has been absolutely fantabulous, which is great because soon enough, it will be too cold again.  I feel that I'm missing out on so many opportunities to soak up the rays.  I know I'll need those memories to help me through the oh-too-soon chills that will be here soon enough.

On Wednesday, I went with the company to our first-ever fishing voyage.  What a blast!  We could not have petitioned God for a better day.
I had never fished before, so I was set to fail miserably... However, I was one of the top contenders in catches (3 small mouth bass fishes and 2 little crabs) and if you add the inches together, I caught the most inches of fish!  Not bad for a newbie... Don't worry.  I expect to never catch another fish again...
It was an absolutely amazing day.  The fellowship was fun, the lake was calm and the views were breathtaking.
On a personal note, we finally found a house!  After being here over a year and a half, we found a place that we can't wait to call our own.  And the best of all?  It's not a split entry!  We expect to take possession at the end of September, so it will be great to be in the house before winter hits.  (I hope!)


~Your City Wide Team