Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in Review: September 26th - 30th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:

Another busy week here in the South Metro! I took one day off last week and a building flooded-- Who knew I was that necessary?? ;-) That is my bit of mid-week humor. In all actuality though, a huge thank you goes to my night manager Eric who got right out there with our crew after receiving a text message to assess the damage. He contacted the customer letting her know the importance of getting everything extracted immediately, placing de-humidifiers on-site, along with air movers to get her building taken care. These extra immediate precautions prevent mold and further structural damage. With help from Greg and Eric and customer approval, we were able to take care of their site. It is great to know that I can communicate back and forth from the deer stand through emails and text messages a few times and know that things will get handled from that point on. Thanks Eric and Greg!

This week we rolled out a new online program for our turn clean scheduling that is a unique calendar accessible by each individual client so they can see what they scheduled with us, and on what day. It should be a great tool for us and more importantly for the client to assure all things needed are being covered!

Last weekend we finished a carpet cleaning job for one of our oldest clients. It is an annual job that was much needed. They had several spots that needed attention and the general areas themselves needed a bit brightening up. It was nice to see the carpets cleaned in time for winter so they don’t take a further beating on top of what was already there!

This weekend is a light weekend in the ways of extra charge projects in my territory. It’s the first time in a while that we have had so little going on so it is nice to breathe a bit, knowing that October is booked up with wax projects in our exam rooms, as well as carpet cleaning in the same clinics all month long.

Last weekend I spent time cleaning out our heated box deer stands up in Thief River Falls. During the day, we also worked on removing fallen trees and other scrap from our trails to make sure we are ready for the first week of November. We also checked out our trail cameras and saw several deer hanging out in the woods, so it looks like a good year is to come! In the morning and evenings I did get out to a different chunk of land that I have access to and got to sit with my bow. I saw 10-13 deer, but none were able to be taken.
I have yet to get my first deer with my bow, and who knows, maybe I will this weekend! Friday evening and Saturday morning I will be in the stand here in the outskirts of Stillwater where I hunt with a close friend each weekend from the middle of September until the end of the year. Then Sunday morning I will be attempting a reasonable time in the Twin Cities 10 Mile run. The marathoners will head out first and we get going behind them and hope for the best. Should be a descent run, and a busy weekend!!

~Your City Wide Team