Friday, October 14, 2011

Week in Review: October 10th - October 14th

Greg Mansfield - President:
Another busy week here in City Wide of Minnesota! We started off the week coming home from a weekend in Kansas City for the Sprint Cup NASCAR race. City Wide in Kansas City services the track, so it was neat to meet up with a few of our colleagues and see the crew in action. Jarrad and his wife Lana, my brother, a few other friends, as well as my in-laws and sister-in-law joined us for the weekend. The race and tailgates were a lot of fun!

Following the race, Joe Choplin who is our Director of Operations in Kansas City, came to visit for the week. Joe has visited us numerous times to aid in the jumpstart of a few of our larger accounts. I believe that this week's visit was very beneficial in that he was able to visit those large accounts (3 or 6 months since first clean) and point out areas in need of improvement or (in most cases) pat my Facility Service Managers on the back for a job well done :-) We always enjoy his visits-- thanks for your time, Joe!

This we week we also demonstrated a viper grout tool project on the floors of one of our clients. The before and after differences are immense and the client was extremely happy. Great job goes out to my FSMs and their crews!

In the world of sales, we have a large amount of new business coming our way and we are gearing up for it all! October and November are going to be very busy months!! I'd like to offer a Thank You to our new clients for putting their trust in us. We can't wait to show you the difference that City Wide can make!

It is becoming closer and closer to the time of year where white stuff falls from the sky... Snow is coming whether we in Minnesota are ready or not! Don't get blindsided by the first big snow. Contact City Wide for any snow removal needs.

After traveling to Boston and Kansas City in the last two weekends, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend here in Minnesota. Have a great weekend, all!


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
It’s another great week here at City Wide and we are happy to have Joe Choplin in town! He is our Director of Operations from Kansas City and it’s great for him to take a look at our operations and give us some advice regarding how to better service our clients to the highest level possible. I had the opportunity to show him around my accounts on Wednesday. Some of them he has visited before, and some are new to my route. I had a great time with him this week—Thanks, Joe!

We are right in the bulk of our scrub and wax process for our medical clinic customer, and have several exam rooms to strip and wax this month as well. To be honest, it is a lot of work to get the projects organized and then finished properly (as well as without and dings to walls (etc) because of how much equipment gets moved in! ;-)) In the end though, it is always worth it to get the customer taken care of! When the projects are all done, the facilities look fantastic and we get several comments from staff members. We love when clients keep on a semi-annual or quarterly schedule to maintain their floors because they always look great and are a lot easier to keep clean.

Other projects this month included some plumbing for a customer in Lakeville to repair a sink and toilet that were leaking. We also changed out 3 ballast systems in a realty office to fix 3 lights in offices and common areas. We have also done some recycling for a couple clients which included picking up several light bulbs from two locations. We certainly do it all for our clients! :-)

On the weekends throughout the month I have been doing what I always do-- spending time in the tree stand with my bow and my thoughts! I’ve watched a lot of deer this year but have yet to get my first deer with my bow. I have gotten out a couple Friday evenings and caught up on office work over the weekend, and been out each Saturday morning since the season started. I picked up and assembled a new 2 person stand because my wife Liz "Lemon" has showed enough interest to come sit in the stand and see how it all works out. Perhaps I will be getting a bow in her hands after all… only time will tell!

Otherwise, I have some projects to check in on throughout the weekend including the wax work I mentioned above and some carpet cleaning at another clinic. Last weekend I was at the Metrodome watching the Vikings capture their first win, and look forward to them taking on the Bears this weekend!


Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
Things have been pretty crazy busy these last 3 weeks in the West Metro! We recently had a new account start in Brooklyn Park and several others coming up the 1st of November. This has (and will!) keep me VERY busy. I’m excited for the new accounts and to form relationships with my new clients. Admin work has been a bit crazy as well! Thankfully, we have the gals in the office...what would we do without them?!

The crews and I have had several other projects going on in the last couple of weeks. We have provided hot water carpet extraction for a potential customer, a complete construction clean up after a remodel, scrubbed and waxed floors for 2 of our customers, and cleaned interior and exterior windows for another. The first part of next is busy as well with providing viper grout tooling for ceramic tile floors, another hot water carpet extraction, as well as another scrub and wax. It sure is amazing to see all that we can provide for our clients!

Joe, our Director of Operations was in town this week from Kansas City to ride with Mitch, Tyler and myself. It is always great to have Joe in town to riding along with us. Joe is a great learning tool to have because he's full of knowledge and pretty much has seen or done everything....Thanks for your help Joe!

On a personal note, my wife Lana and I joined Greg and his wife Kelly on a trip to Kansas City last weekend to watch the Sprint Cup NASCAR race. I will have to admit... I was never a race fan, but after seeing such a cool experience in person, I will definitely go back next year! One cool thing about the race is that City Wide in Kansas cleans this track and Joe was the guy behind it all! Oh and I almost forgot...Thanks to Stuart (Sales Support from Kansas City) for getting me up to the box suites for the last 30 laps!


Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:
I cannot get over the fact that it is mid-October already.  Almost two more weeks and we'll be seeing all sorts of ghouls, witches and pirates searching the neighborhood for goodies!  (I've already warned my boy that should he get any Milk Duds, that's his tribute to me for letting him take candy from strangers.)

We've had an awesome week at work.  We're working through the processes of starting with several new clients.  We're once again super-excited to show them how we're able to give them hours back each month to work on other items on their plates and still work in a clean, sanitary facility!  That last adjective is really important now that autumn truly is upon us (and the first flu report of the season has been confirmed. *shiver*)  I'm ready for the colder weather now, but not the lovely little side effects that we get to endure...

On the house front, we finally were able to move one car into the garage last night.  My husband and I were doing all sorts of celebration dances about it.  No it was not pretty, but it was addictive!  Our neighbors came over to celebrate with us.  :)  Now just one more trip of clearing it out and we'll be able to get both cars into the garage.  We may just have to have a party or something...

Our daughter has definitely been bitten with the baking bug now that we have a big enough kitchen in which to cook!  This morning, she whipped up these delightful Caramel Apple Sticky Buns.
Yes.  My jeans are screaming at me, but my tummy is happy.  I call that an even trade.  :)


~Your City Wide Team