Friday, October 7, 2011

Week in Review: October 3rd - October 7th

Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:

I feel like I always start out my blog posts with, "What a busy week here at City Wide!" But this week? I really mean it! :-)

Greg and I flew out to Boston on Thursday, arriving home this Monday. The reason for our trip was for our annual Performance Group Meeting. We met with several other City Wide markets for a strategic brainstorming get-together. Our meetings always seem to be so rewarding and successful, year after year. I have to say THANKS to our fellow markets-- you inspire and influence us and we must give a bit of credit to you for City Wide's success here in the Twin Cities.

Of course, it wasn't all work :-) We were able to steal away from our agendas and we all enjoyed a massive dinner consisting of seafood at the Barking Crab, followed by a tour of downtown Boston.
 The Constitution in Boston Harbor downtown...
Greg and I were also lucky enough to spend some time in Cape Cod. We went fishing on the beach, clamming in low tide, and enjoyed the sites of downtown Chatham and Orleans. WHAT a fabulous weekend full of fun, friendship, brainstorming, and goal-making.
Fresh, hard-earned clams on the grill...

As I expected, coming home from the strategic planning meeting meant A LOT of work to be done here at the office! I'm working heavily on implementing a "cloud based" program for our files and documents which has proved to be quite the project.

As Mitch mentioned last week, we are also publishing online calendars and checklist sign-off sheets for our apartment turn-clean clients. I have been very busy with this new procedure this week-- making sure that all links work correctly, calendars and checklists are uploaded appropriately, etc. I have great hope that this online tool will help assist our clients in a very organized manner!

I have another busy weekend ahead. We are traveling again... but this time south to Kansas City for the Sprint Cup NASCAR race held at the Kansas Speedway. City Wide of Kansas City services the track and we are always excited to take part in the tailgate and fellowship of the sport-- and of course to see that Kansas City's City Wide crew is doing their part to keep it clean ;-) Just a little teasin' there, as their level of support is superb and they have been working at the track every day for the past two weeks to ensure that their crews are ready to go!

Shalee Shields - Administration Manager:

Well, I don't know about you, but I am absolutely LOVING this gorgeous weather that God's given us!  Those Indian summer days are so precious, especially when you can see the drop in temps just around the corner.  I've done as much as I could outside so that I could soak in a few more drops of sunshine before it's snuffed out for an extended season.

This week has been awesome work-wise!  We're working diligently to prepare for the start of some new accounts.  We love showing how we can be great assistants to their every need, and all of that assisting takes time and energy on everyone's parts to make sure it's done right.  From Diane making the appointment to the FSM and NM working to get the new start sparkling clean, it's a team effort to work on creating another satisfied customer!

The huge news for us on our family front is that we finally moved into our new house!  Everything with the inspection, paperwork and signing went so smoothly!  And last Saturday, we had friends galore show up to assist with our move.  We are truly blessed to have so many willing friends help us celebrate our new place, especially when you think that last weekend was so gorgeous!  We're in and we're working through some move-in kinks, but it's so wonderful to have 3 bathrooms and the ability to run the washer or garbage disposal whenever we feel like it!

~Your City Wide Team