Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review: November 7th - 11th

Greg Mansfield - President: First off, I would like to start this post by thanking all of the past and present veterans for their service defending our country. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed and we all at City Wide are eternally grateful for your dedication.

Secondly, I’d like to take the time to welcome my brother, Brian Mansfield to the City Wide team. He is our new Business Operations Analyst and will aid Dick with accounting needs, our FSMs with operations support, as well as other administrative functions. He is adding immeasurable talent to our team and we’re excited that he is with us. Welcome, Brian!

We’ve been extremely busy these past two weeks with new accounts starting up. As always, we’re very thankful to our new clients for giving City Wide the chance to show how beneficial our team can be for you. Thank you!

We also have several accounts to be started on or around December 1st. Looks like all of our schedules will be busy going into the new year—just how we like it :-)

From a team-building standpoint, we all have been reading the book, Multipliers. We’ve been learning how we can get more from our current resource group to ensure that we’re growing per our fast-paced strategy plan. This book has been a wonderful insight and resource!

This weekend, we will be celebrating my Dad’s birthday (I promised not to tell his age…) I’m looking forward to relaxing and enjoying what I expect to be one of our last NICE weekends!

Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
Here in the North, I’ve been hard at work getting a new apartment complex up and running. Early last week we started cleaning this account and we’re off to a great start!! I have a great contact person out here and look forward to working hand in hand with her and the maintenance team to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance to the property. Great work so far team!

I’ve also been busy this fall season with tons of carpet cleaning and floor waxing. This is the perfect time of the year to get floors waxed and protected from the harsh Minnesotawinters. Please request a bid from me if you haven’t already.

Last weekend I went hunting up at Red Lakefor gun hunting opener. We did really well with two monster bucks. We had an 8 point and 9 point buck that both weighed out over 200 pounds dressed out. A very cool experience for me being new to hunting. We’re going to head out again for the 3rd week of gun hunting to Mille Lacs Lake up north. Looking forward to spending some more time out in the woods!

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Another busy week here in the South Metro. I am happy to welcome Brian Mansfield to the team! I’ve gotten the chance to tour my accounts with him this week and it has been fun. The point of the ride-alongs are to get him familiar with not only the building locations, but also what I do on a daily basis when visiting my clients.

This week we are preparing for a traffic area carpet cleaning project, along with upholstery chair cleaning out at one of our medical clinics in Apple Valley. Their carpet cleaning is scheduled to be performed quarterly. It is a nice project and has helped extend the life of their carpet by keeping it clean and sanitized.

I have also been working on several new accounts lately, including one of our new larger clients in Roseville. Thanks to some extra help from Tyler, Steve and Eric, we were off to a great start the first few nights. We’ve continued to put in lots of extra work this week to get it up to standard, and then plan to maintain it moving forward.

Weekend life has been good as always. I’ve been hunting and have yet to knock down a deer this year bow hunting and rifle hunting. Last weekend was a rough one with the major wind blowing, but this weekend should be much better.  I headed out last night after work so that I could get up in my stand by this early morning. Have a fun and safe weekend to everyone!

Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Greg's favorite phrase to ask me in these past two weeks is, "Soo... Are ya bored yet?" Of course he is sarcastically joking, and of course my answer is NO! But as I always say, busy is good!

I've been working closely with Brian to see that he is getting trained in properly. We're so excited for him to be signing on with the team here at City Wide. I've known Brian since high school (I'll keep those old teenage photos to myself ;-)) and I've always been impressed with his maturity and ability to tackle responsibility and workload head-on.

You can see Brian's new Bio here. Welcome, Brian!

I've also been busy with getting our snow removal accounts all lined up and ready to go from an administrative stance. Each one of our accounts has specific notes outlining details such as where snow can be stacked, sidewalks to be cleared, and of course the specifications of the actual parking lot.
Dare I say that I'm ready for snow? Well, at least City Wide is ready! ;-)
This weekend, Greg, Brian, and myself are going to be celebrating Dick's birthday. We're going to enjoy a movie and some good dinner. Happy Birthday, Dick!


~Your City Wide Team