Friday, December 30, 2011

Week in Review: December 26th - 30th

Kelly - Business Development:
Well it has been a very busy week here at City Wide, even though it was shortened with the holidays surrounding this week. I hope that the Holidays treated you well and that you're not too regretful of the countless Christmas cookies that you ate over the weekend... Or is that just me? ;-)

Brian is once again in town this week and next working away in the office. In the past month or so, the whole office has been busy with a few projects that help give us an accurate idea of projections and predictions surrounding sales here at City Wide. We're hoping for the best year yet-- We're ready for 2012!

As everyone knows, the odd thing about the ending of 2011 is that we have no snow on the ground. Isn't that strange? One of my daily duties is to check the weather forecast for any chance of snow and to inform our crews and clients of any precipitation. The weather sure has made this task light for me so far! Not that I'm complaining about our mild temperatures and non-icy roads, but I actually enjoy "the white stuff" on the ground in the winter :-)

On a personal front, our Christmas was very memorable and full of fun, as always. Greg and I traveled down to Kansas to spend the holidays with my family. It was a quick trip, but it was full of laughter, quality time, relaxing, and a few great presents or two as well!

This weekend Greg and I are going to celebrate the New Year a bit unconventionally... We're going ice fishing on New Year's Eve :-) Wish us luck that we do well!

I hope that you all have a fun, safe, and celebratory New Years! Welcome, 2012!

~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Laugh: Have You Ever Seen A Fish This Big??

For the past two years, we at City Wide have had an annual December ice fishing trip tradition to celebrate a year's worth of hard work. Last year, Greg, our Facility Service Managers, and a few of our colleagues from Boston traveled up to Lake of the Woods. This year, due to the mild temperatures that we've had in December, we weren't able to fish at LOTW (not enough ice) Thankfully though, Red Lake was all clear for ice fishing!

Greg, Tyler, Mitch, and Jarrad had a wonderful time enjoying one of Minnesota's favorite winter pastimes while celebrating a fantastic year of service as well. A few walleye here and there were caught, enough to cook up and eat, which is always nice!

But none of the guys expected to catch ANYTHING like this during the annual trip!!

Greg hooked into a 49 inch, 33 pound Northern Pike and Mitch was the primary "wing man" who helped grab the fish through the ice. Boy was that a surprise of a lifetime!

We have to wonder though... at next year's annual ice fishing trip, what could top this?? ;-)

~Your City Wide Team

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From ALL of us at City Wide, we wish you a very...

~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Recap Brought To You By Google

Have you seen this new video floating around the internet yet? Google has put together a video of the impactful events from this past year. It's neat to watch and see what has shaped 2011. Enjoy!

~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, December 8, 2011

City Wide Tips & Tricks: Removing Scuff Marks

In honor of the holiday season we’ve got a fun trick up our sleeve to share with all of our faithful followers. We’ll keep it short and sweet with our November trick of the month.

Your maintenance or janitorial crew may have the big stuff covered: proper vacuuming, great mopping, but what about those ugly black scuff marks on your highly trafficked hard floors? They may look bad but it takes just a little knowledge to kick them to the curb.

Watch this month’s video to find out how you can take charge of those scuffed up floors.