Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Laugh: Have You Ever Seen A Fish This Big??

For the past two years, we at City Wide have had an annual December ice fishing trip tradition to celebrate a year's worth of hard work. Last year, Greg, our Facility Service Managers, and a few of our colleagues from Boston traveled up to Lake of the Woods. This year, due to the mild temperatures that we've had in December, we weren't able to fish at LOTW (not enough ice) Thankfully though, Red Lake was all clear for ice fishing!

Greg, Tyler, Mitch, and Jarrad had a wonderful time enjoying one of Minnesota's favorite winter pastimes while celebrating a fantastic year of service as well. A few walleye here and there were caught, enough to cook up and eat, which is always nice!

But none of the guys expected to catch ANYTHING like this during the annual trip!!

Greg hooked into a 49 inch, 33 pound Northern Pike and Mitch was the primary "wing man" who helped grab the fish through the ice. Boy was that a surprise of a lifetime!

We have to wonder though... at next year's annual ice fishing trip, what could top this?? ;-)

~Your City Wide Team