Monday, January 30, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Removing Permanant Marker from White Boards

In celebration of 2012, we are bringing back our very first Tips & Tricks video. We’ll be showing you how to remove permanent marker from your whiteboard.

Even if we don’t like to admit it, we’ve probably all been a defender of this crime. It may have meant needing to buy a new whiteboard in the past, but City Wide is here to share a quick and easy solution. So sit back, relax and enjoy a little retro Tips & Tricks.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 27, 2012

Week In Review: January 22nd - 27th

Greg Mansfield - President:
This has been on crazy week for us all here at City Wide! It seems like after all of the holiday “hubbub” everyone is getting settled back into work. Our Business Development Specialist, Diane, has had a fantastic month and has sure kept me busy with meetings with potential clients! I am very excited about the opportunities on our horizon. January has been a great start to the year!

Earlier this week I got back from Kansas City where I was taking part in our regional meetings. They went very well and I am always impressed with the level of talent that resides in the City Wide family.

I’ve also been filling my extra time with listening to some really interesting Podcasts on iTunes. If you go onto iTunes and search for “manager tools” in the iTunes Store, literarily hundreds of informative podcasts are available, and they’re free too! You can also download an App for these podcasts as well.

Onto everyone’s favorite topic… Weather. After Monday’s snow accumulation, it seems like winter has returned to us. Though some days it does seem very spring-like with hardly any snow on the ground. I heard on the news that Minnesotans are referring to this season as “Marchuary” ;-)

I’m looking forward to next week—Stuart, our corporate sales support from Kansas City will be in town. Amid a lot of work, brainstorming, and building survey appointments, we will be sneaking in a bit of fun. We’re going to the Timberwolves/Lakers game this Sunday. Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend, all!


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Things sped up here in the last week and are beginning to taper off here as the month comes closer to a close!  This week we came up with a big game plan to make a big impact on a difficult building that needed some extra TLC from the crew and our management.  Its been fun to think through different ways we can make a positive change in the way we do things at the property and look forward to seeing those plans pan out in the future.  Some more detail is being done, extra management visits during the day, and more evening oversight as well to help make a long lasting impact.

Extra projects were light again this week but we did do a strip and wax at an electronics assembly factory that we clean.  They have several equipment changes with a new expansion that they took on for a large project and we were able to clean up the areas and blend wax where machines previously were, and strip and wax a new tile area that was installed last week.  It looks great, he customer is happy, and their operation is up and running on time.

This month was a big win for the “Viper Tool” category of our sales, we were able to lock in a group location that we oversee to get all 4 of their sites done in February along with cleaning approximately 175 of their chairs throughout the facilities.  Fortunately this will be an annual project to keep their site looking nice, and something we can count on for February when the dead of winter is typically a little slower aside from snow removal.  We also look forward to locking in 11 medical clinics we oversee for one client with Viper tool as well.  Each April and October we do their wax work and carpet cleaning and now we can add Viper tooling of all of their rest rooms and entryway tiles to the program in April.  In clinics its very important to have this done for the tile to not only appear uniform in the grout but to be sanitized as well.

Looking forward to the weekend, the wife and I are going to catch a movie on Friday night and have some friends coming over Saturday night that we haven’t seen in a few months.  Saturday morning I’m trying to talk my old roommate into coming out onto the ice and seeing what ice fishing is all about, you’d never know he’s a born and raised Minnesotan who spent his summers in Detroit Lakes with his lack of love for fishing!  I look forward to converting him over.


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review: January 16th - 20th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Another great week here in the south metro! I have had a busy week getting lots of inspections done and fortunately haven’t had to dart back and forth across town very much! Thursday and Friday will prove to be busy with a couple of our larger properties being due for a thorough inspection, but I look forward to it. I really enjoy weeks where I am able to stick to my route and be able to get to several more customers since I don’t get pulled to head across town to handle something.

It’s been a good beginning to 2012 in the ways of our new sales cold call program. Unfortunately I have not set an appointment this month but I am on target with our weekly and monthly goal of activities which feels great when it has been a struggle at times in the past. Overall it’s becoming a fun part of the job as it gets easier and you feel much more comfortable knocking on that unknown door and asking for simple information.

In the ways of extra projects, I have not had much going on this week! I have bid several projects including a viper tool cleaning job that lead to 3 more of their properties likely getting done here in the next month or so as well! I spent some time bidding some of our newer customers as well for carpet cleaning, window washing, floor wax, and machine scrubbing where appropriate getting ready to help customers budget and plan for spring projects that should be done. I look forward to seeing that pay off and have already gotten a couple positive verbal “yes” responses to the projects and I have filed those away for mid-late April to follow up on and schedule.

The weather has been one heck of a rollercoaster but fortunately it has stayed cold enough, long enough, to create some thick ice on a couple lakes in town that I have been able to get out and do some ice fishing on with my new equipment. It’s been a lot of fun getting out on my own and with friends where in the past I had to tag along with others who had equipment. I was able to get out snowboarding last weekend as well courtesy of Buck Hill and their snow making machines. They have quite a snowboard park setup already considering we have less than 6” of total snowfall for the year! This weekend I look forward to my wife’s safe return from a trip to Canada for work-- we are heading out for a bowling night out with a bunch of our friends Saturday night which should be fun. Have a great weekend everyone, and Go Giants and Ravens!!

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

City Wide Tips & Tricks: Combating the Flu

The flu is no fun, but after being surrounded by so many people during the holiday its not out of the question to come back to work with a weak immune system. Understanding the steps you can take in order to stay healthy can have a positive impact on you and your office.

Take these 3 easy steps to stay flu free:
1) Get a flu shot.
2) Prevent the spread of germs.
3) Stay home if possible to rest and recover.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in Review: January 9th - 13th

Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
It’s been a good week up in the north metro. I walked several buildings that we’ve took on over the past month or two and each building is looking excellent with very happy customers. I was also able to visit a long standing customer to verify that a new “evening porter” is performing very well. I hope to stay on a great roll in my buildings and continue to have satisfied customers. It’s been a very quiet week with no complaints and few requests. Thanks to the teammates and partners who have made this possible. Great work!

Still working on getting some snow?! We finally hit some cold temperatures to freeze up the lakes even more but without the snow, my snowmobile is useless! My fingers are crossed for some powder to fall soon! Take care until next week!


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
What an entertaining week here in the South getting back out to see everyone after Holiday vacation and new contracts starting! I was in touch with a lot of customers during break for minor needs like holiday party cleanups and special cleans for RVP’s site visits, but hadn’t been in buildings as much over vacation. It was nice to get back out and catch up with everyone and find that my buildings were still in great shape. Big thanks to our cleaners for sticking to the daily schedules and following up on any hot button items! Also a thanks to my night manager Eric, who put in a huge effort and great service while I was gone!

This week has been busy but quite fun. We wrapped up a challenging painting job for one of our clients in downtown St Paul.  Up on the 7th floor, none of the walls matched after several different paint scheme’s had been attempted--  some areas were even simply painted around file cabinets, leaving a big brown square with off-white surrounding it! We brought on a new group of painters that are friends of my family and they really went above and beyond. The task was particularly challenging because we were painting over wallpaper. It was quite challenging because the wallpaper was incredibly absorbent and although it had already been painting 1 or 2 other times it still soaked the paint right up! The walls required extra passes with the roller to get solid even coats on the wall. Thanks to a power roller that feeds paint right to the roller through a high pressure hose we were able to makeup this extra labor time. One wall we actually painted was over 80 feet long, 8 feet high, the first coat went on in 10 minutes! I have painted my own house several times and wish I had this time saver :-) The project turned out great, and the customer was incredibly pleased with the work.

I am working on an energy savings project that I have been working on for two years. Due to changes in ownership, our client hasn’t been able to pull the trigger yet although they want to! This week I am bringing out a new electrician to take a look at the work, assess the cost, and look at the new rebate programs associated with the retrofit. I have my fingers crossed as it is a large project, and my contact at the property is on board with the program, we just need a few minutes in front of the board to show them how quickly they will earn their money back and how that cash flow could be reinvested down the road for them!

This weekend I look forward to seeing my sister and her husband fly in from Phoenix with our two little nephews Lucas (2 ½) and Isaac  (4 months old)! This will be my first time meeting Mr. Isaac in person aside from using our good friend Skype, which helps me keep in touch. We are doing family Christmas on Saturday and unfortunately my wife has to fly to Canada all week while they are here. Not sure what all we are going to do but I sure look forward to playing with these two while they are in town and send them back to warm and sunny Phoenix safe and sound the following weekend.

Winter is back everyone, dress warm!


Jarrad Nicolite - Facility Service Manager:
This week has been relatively quiet, which is nice for once in a while! Earlier this week we finished a construction clean-up downtown Minneapolis and soon we will also be doing Ultrasonic blind cleaning for the same customer. Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a really inexpensive way to renew the look of your old dusty, dirty blinds. The cleaning process is done with sound wave technology in a soapy bath of specially formulated cleaning solution. Pretty cool!

I also have an appointment to meet with one of my current customers to look at their demonstration room and provide a bid to replace the carpet and base board at their facility-- hopefully we will be able to help them out!

This weekend should be pretty relaxing because Lana and I have nothing planed or anything that has to be done. I have to admit, having no commitments once in a while is really nice!


Brian Mansfield - Business Operations Analyst:

The new year is upon us and from the looks of it outside we may finally see some winter weather!  The last two months have been fairly hectic for me.  Continuing my training, visiting many of the buildings we service, traveling and the holidays have all kept me busy.  I’ve had a blast learning on the fly and really appreciate the time everyone has spent with me showing me the ropes.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers face to face.  Since I occasionally correspond with them via email or over the phone it is great to establish that relationship and have a face to go with a name. 

This week has flown by as well.  I completed a project to update and distribute some safety training to our operations personnel that we review annually, continued to learn new administrative office tasks that I will be responsible for and spent a day on Mille Lacs lake for a strategic planning meeting.  The meeting portion of the outing went a lot better than the fishing portion though as we only managed to catch a couple of average sized walleye and a handful of small perch.  Even so, it was great to get out from behind a desk and spend some time in the great outdoors!

I want to congratulate Mitch, our Facility Service Manager for the South Metro, for signing up his first new account last week.  All three of our FSM’s have been stopping into businesses in their territories to spread the word about City Wide and Mitch is the first to sign up a new account based on one of those visits.  I’m excited to see his hard work pay off but I’m equally excited for that new customer.  I know that we can save them time and effort by managing the day to day cleaning of their facility as well as being the one point of contact they will need for 20+ other services. 

On the home front I’ve been trying to get outside to enjoy the warm weather we had early in the week.  I’ve also enjoyed watching the Wild finally get a hard fought win Tuesday night.  Hopefully it’s a sign that they have gotten things turned around.  Outside of that I’ve enjoyed getting to spend time with Greg, Kelly and my dad.  This weekend should be fairly relaxed as I’m planning on just spending some quality time at home with my wife, Lisa.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 6, 2012

Week in Review: January 2nd - 6th

Greg Mansfield - President:
Happy New Year, all! We at City Wide hope that this first week of 2012 has been a good one for you. 2011 treated us extremely well here at City Wide, no doubt because of the dedication and hard work shown by all of our employees and crew members. We have some exciting goals for 2012 and can’t wait to see how this year treats us all.

And speaking of past and present, I’d like to take the time to thank all of our clients who signed on with us in 2011. Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in us—City Wide is here to take the hassle and headache out of your day and we promise continued dedicated service to your facilities!

As for sales in 2012, we’re excited for new clients this year! I’ve already ben on a few promising surveys this year and I’m looking forward to expanding. If you or someone you know is looking for a change with your property’s commercial cleaning or building maintenance, please reach out or refer us on!

This week we have also been very busy working on updating all of our hazard communication and BBP training. The New Year is always a good time to make sure that these requirements are up to date and organized for everyone’s safety.

Onto everyone’s favorite topic: Weather! I wonder how long this odd winter weather is going to last this year? As we all know, we’ve had a really strange winter so far. In case you missed the news, yesterday was a record breaking day for Minnesota in regards to temperatures. It reached 45* here in the Twin Cities (just missing the record of 47* dating ALL the way back to 1885) Some locations in southwest Minnesota cracked the 60-degree mark! What a STRANGE winter we’ve had!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Tyler DuBord - Facility Service Manager:
It was a great 2011 for myself in the north metro. I’ve took on several new customers throughout the year and they’ve been very pleased with our responsiveness and dedication to providing excellent service. I’ve had a fun time establishing great relationships with these customers as well. Thanks to those folks who put their trust in City Wide in 2011 and I look forward to continuing our relationship into 2012 and beyond!

Just this past December marked my 4th year with City Wide here in Minnesota. It seems like just yesterday I was training on City Wide University and learning the ropes to be successful in the building maintenance industry; my how time flies by! It has been an exciting and challenging 4 years and I look forward to spending many more with this team. Thanks to all those who have made my experience here pleasurable and long lasting.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s. I took what seemed like a short vacation between the two holidays and took a trip to Hurley, Wisconsin to go snowmobiling. Yes, I know that sounds crazy as we’ve had no snow in Minnesota but 3.5 hours into the 4 hour trip we finally found some powder. Though there wasn’t a ton of snow, we still had a blast and were able to get our new snowmobiles out. We put on about 350 miles over the course of 3 full days. It was amazing how many little Green Bay Packer bars there were along the trails, hah!

Happy New Year to everyone out there and a prosperous 2012!!  


Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed some time away, and had a chance to get together with friends and family. I was fortunate enough to take the week off in-between Christmas and New Year with exception of Tuesday which I worked and what a great week to recharge. I had my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in town for the week which was a lot of fun hanging out and eating at some of our favorite places in town. I even had a chance to put my new ice auger to use and went out ice fishing one day!

Looking back on 2011 it was a fantastic year at City Wide-- we accomplished a lot, grew the business, helped our customers combine more services to us instead of multiple vendors, and set new goals for the upcoming year to continue our development as a group and as individuals! I look forward to learning more about the industry this year and getting better at bidding and being a part of more and new projects this year.

Most of December was spent playing catch-up from being gone during Thanksgiving, bidding projects, starting a few new accounts, and then preparing to be gone for vacation, so most of the month was a busy blur! I am happy to say that in the last 6 months or so that we as an operations group helped begin doing cold calls it finally paid off and we closed the first account from my cold calls! The account began this past Tuesday and it is off to a great start! I love doing my job as an operations manager and working with our service providers and clients. But it is fun to attempt a different avenue of work by getting in the front door of a new property and attempting to get someone excited enough to give you a chance to talk to them about how you can help their business. I look forward to taking the momentum from closing the first deal and carrying it into my upcoming calls for future success!

This week and next week I am closing out my built-in hard floor care project for a top scrub and wax for our group of dialysis clinics. I’m excited to finally get them all caught up from the quarter and looking great to help them get through winter.  Fortunately, it has been a very mild winter and the floors haven't taken the beating they have in the past by this time of year!

Looking forward to finding some new projects to tackle this year and continue to execute well on the repeat work that we have built up over the last couple years.  Good luck in 2012 everyone!


Jarrad Nickolite - Facility Service Manager:
Hello Everyone! Now that the holidays are over, its back to reality!

Things have been a bit crazy these last 2 months with new business starting, quarterly floor projects, buying our new house, and planning for the holidays.  I am excited that City Wide finished the year busy and ending on a good note!

There are a lot of things that I’m looking forward to, for the coming year. I am looking forward to building an even better relationship with my current customers and am excited to see the amount of new business we are able to generate. I am also happy that Greg was able to bring in Brian and make him a part of the team! This is already a huge resource for the company and for us FSM’s.  Thanks for the help Brian!

On a personal note, things have finally settled down on the home front with the new house. The late nights and long weekend hours are finally over until spring comes. Until then, I plan to spend a lot of time ice fishing and relaxing with my wife Lana.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed the time with your families!
~Your City Wide Team

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011, thanks for the wonderful memories!

Welcome, 2012!

From all of us at City Wide, we wish you a Very Happy New Year. We hope that 2012 has prosperity, fun, and success in store for us all. Let's make it a fantastic year to remember!

~Your City Wide Team