Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review: January 16th - 20th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:
Another great week here in the south metro! I have had a busy week getting lots of inspections done and fortunately haven’t had to dart back and forth across town very much! Thursday and Friday will prove to be busy with a couple of our larger properties being due for a thorough inspection, but I look forward to it. I really enjoy weeks where I am able to stick to my route and be able to get to several more customers since I don’t get pulled to head across town to handle something.

It’s been a good beginning to 2012 in the ways of our new sales cold call program. Unfortunately I have not set an appointment this month but I am on target with our weekly and monthly goal of activities which feels great when it has been a struggle at times in the past. Overall it’s becoming a fun part of the job as it gets easier and you feel much more comfortable knocking on that unknown door and asking for simple information.

In the ways of extra projects, I have not had much going on this week! I have bid several projects including a viper tool cleaning job that lead to 3 more of their properties likely getting done here in the next month or so as well! I spent some time bidding some of our newer customers as well for carpet cleaning, window washing, floor wax, and machine scrubbing where appropriate getting ready to help customers budget and plan for spring projects that should be done. I look forward to seeing that pay off and have already gotten a couple positive verbal “yes” responses to the projects and I have filed those away for mid-late April to follow up on and schedule.

The weather has been one heck of a rollercoaster but fortunately it has stayed cold enough, long enough, to create some thick ice on a couple lakes in town that I have been able to get out and do some ice fishing on with my new equipment. It’s been a lot of fun getting out on my own and with friends where in the past I had to tag along with others who had equipment. I was able to get out snowboarding last weekend as well courtesy of Buck Hill and their snow making machines. They have quite a snowboard park setup already considering we have less than 6” of total snowfall for the year! This weekend I look forward to my wife’s safe return from a trip to Canada for work-- we are heading out for a bowling night out with a bunch of our friends Saturday night which should be fun. Have a great weekend everyone, and Go Giants and Ravens!!

~Your City Wide Team