Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review: January 30th - February 3rd

Mitch Brunette – Facility Service Manager:
Time seems to evaporate this week as we get busier and busier! Month end and the first of the month always come with their extra paperwork, tasks, and follow-ups, but it is now behind us! I’m looking forward to a good February with new goals set to achieve and to hopefully gain some new business within this month.

This last week we have worked on a handful of turn-cleans for our apartment customers and were able to turn those out on-time with minimal interference which always helps make the cleaners job a bit easier!  I am getting some new dispensers for paper towels and soap at one of our apartment complexes as well.  We were able to save the customer about $1 per case on their products which isn't much, but most importantly we can finally make their rest rooms uniform for paper and soap which always looks nice. They had several different outdated, half-working dispensers that we are replacing with wave motion dispensers. The outdated bag in box soap will be replaced with a refillable bulk, pourable foam soap. This update is appreciated by both the customer and the cleaners. City Wide will oversee the ordering process so they always have what they need, the customer gets a better price, and a better look!

We did some strip and wax work in one of our metal recycling plants this last week as well and what a difference it made! The best part was when I showed up for my visit to inspect the floors and a person that normally works out in the back shop says to me with a huge smile "WE GOT OUR FLOORS WAXED!" I was able to respond with a bit of humor and said "No kidding? Looks real good... I'm actually the one who got that work done for you!" She laughed and I was able to introduce myself and found out she worked in a part of the facility that we don't clean so she had never seen me around to know what part I play in the facility :-)

Looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this weekend with a bunch of friends at our place. It’s a win-win situation for me. On one hand, I hope the Giants win because they had a hard year and have played so well in the playoffs (not to mention taking down the pack!). On the other hand, as much as I dislike the Patriots as a whole, I do appreciate seeing excellence at work and Tom Brady getting another ring is always entertaining to see one guy have such a large accomplishment. Either way, it’s going to be a fantastic game!

I’m taking my wife out for her first trip ever on the ice for some winter fishing-- it should be quite interesting. I really, really hope we catch some fish so she can enjoy herself and hopefully I can get her out for more of it in the future! Have a great weekend everyone!

Brian Mansfield – Business Operations Analyst:
Another hectic week is almost over.  I feel like we say that a lot but it really seems to be true!  The week started off with a visit from Stuart, our Regional Sales Manager for City Wide.  We got to spend some quality time discussing our sales and marketing efforts here in the Twin Cities and how we can continue to get the word out about what sets City Wide apart from other commercial cleaning and building maintenance companies.  The conversations were very productive and we’re excited to try some new ideas.

I also got to spend some time out at one of our accounts in the west metro with Jarrad, our FSM for that territory.  Jarrad has been spending extra time working with the crew to really fine tune the process in that facility and I was excited to get to be an extra pair of hands to help him out.  I’ve said before that I’m very impressed with the dedication and professionalism of our FSM’s and that fact continues to be reinforced when I see how hard they work to satisfy our clients.

Speaking of our talented FSM’s, congratulations to Mitch who won the nationwide City Wide FSM contest for 2011!  This is the second time Mitch has won this award in the last three years.  On top of that, Tyler, our FSM for the north metro, also finished in the top 5 in the contest.  Congratulations to both of you and thanks for all of your hard work!

We’ve managed to work in some fun this week too which started Sunday evening at the Timberwolves/Lakers game with Greg, Stuart, Kelly, and myself. We came up a little short at the end but it was an exciting game and the first event I’ve ever been to at the Target Center.

Monday night a group of us from City Wide participated in a circuit training workout at Minnesota Top Team, a boxing and martial arts training facility in Eagan.  It was the first time we tried anything like that and we had a blast!  Thanks to Jennie, Jeremy and Alex for being so welcoming and providing us with an exciting and challenging workout!  Check them out at:

We also were able to enjoy a Minnesota Wild hockey game with two of our clients as well.
Although the Wild did not pull out a win, we still had a great time. Kelly and our clients even had the chance to pose with Nordi, the Minnesota Wild's mascot ;-)

I'm headed back to Kansas City this afternoon after a productive visit to Minnesota. Looking forward to being back home and to watch the Super Bowl as well!

~Your City Wide Team