Monday, March 19, 2012

City Wide Tips & Tricks: Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to dust away the cobwebs of the colder months and prepare for all that the warmer weather has to offer. While there are many services that can help get your building ready there are two that can have a dramatic impact on your facility: window washing and HVAC maintenance.

Window Washing

Over time pollutants build up on your window such as pollen, acid rain, over spray from paint and caulking as well as oxidation and hard minerals. In order to prevent these from setting into the tiny grooves of your windows its important to give them a regularly scheduled, thorough cleaning. City Wide recommends a minimum of 2 deep cleans per year. This preventative maintenance can help save money in the long run and keep a consistent shine.


In some ways cleaning out your ducts is one of the most important things you can do. It delivers the air that your building occupants breathe. So making sure you clean out all of the buildup that happens as your air vents sit unused over winter is crucial to clean air.

~Your City Wide Team