Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Review: April 16th - 20th

Mitch Brunette - Facility Service Manager:

Everything in last week’s blog basically came true! April continues to be incredibly busy, and I am on pace to have completed the 3rd most amount of work in one month in my nearly 4 year tenure here at City Wide! It’s fun and exhausting at the same time and I look forward to getting through it all. I’m excited to have great looking facilities ready to be maintained here throughout spring before preparing for Winter (sorry for mentioning winter).

Wax work continues to get wrapped up here at our group clients with various follow ups required for areas inaccessible or needing a little extra attention.  Carpet trucks are everywhere cleaning traffic areas, offices and viper tool cleaning tile and grout making huge improvements.  Viper tool cleaning is rapidly becoming my favorite service to sell as we have recently gotten a new chemical in our arsenal and it is making a dramatic impact on our before and after work.  Here are some pictures!

May is getting booked up here already as we are in the final couple weeks of April and more customers are accepting that spring is truly here and projects need to be completed.  We have a job going every week in May already for carpet, tile, wax, and or window washing to keep us busy again through May.  Unless something changes in the next week or the first part of May then April looks like it will be the winner as far as busiest month of the first half of the year!

This weekend and its plans have been a rollercoaster in the Brunette household.  My sister-in-law and her husband from Chicago were supposed to be coming up here to the family farm to help with chores and spend time with the family.  After they backed out we went back and forth on whether we would go or not, and finally have decided we are indeed going to help clean tractors, wax tractors, take tires on and off tractors, and I’m sure do something else with tractors! Should be a fun Saturday/Sunday of work, followed by some evening golf if we get lucky enough to play the old “Wells 9” in the middle of the small town.  Excited to get some fresh air-- hopefully the weather permits this weekend.  Last but definitely not least, I am anxiously awaiting and counting down the days to the NFL draft! Ready to see the Vikes secure a 10 year left tackle and hopefully pick up the Notre Dame safety in the 2nd round and snag a receiver in the 3rd.  Who knows? These things change all the time and let’s face it—we’re talking about Minnesota sports, they’re as volatile as it gets!

~Your City Wide Team