Friday, March 29, 2013

Week In Review: March 24th - 30th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Not only have we had a fantastic start to 2013, it has been a very exciting last few weeks here at City Wide in all territories!

We've been busy with snow removal as winter wraps up. Like every winter season, we made sure help our clients with plowing their lots, removing snow and opening up drive lanes during the middle of the day, and final cleanups.
One of the biggest issues we see with snow removal is incorrect pile locations and we are always checking in on this as part of our cleaning and snow inspections. It is very important to make certain that snow is piled at the correct location agreed upon by the customer. Although there are instances when you simply run out of space and have to get creative with bobcats and sometimes even hauling off site! We had the bobcats out this last month but did not have to do any major hauling.
Spring is here finally and we are about to get very busy loading up with spring cleaning! I noticed that previous posts mentioned this as well. As Facility Services Manages we partner with our clients to simply schedule and execute all of their spring cleaning needs-- carpet cleaning, floor wax, grout cleaning, and window washing. All of these services and just a single point of contact! With several of our clients, we just remind them of the schedule and approximately what time of the month we had done the work the previous year and get the job done! This is a huge value to our clients as they don’t have to think of anything aside from the projects interfering with anything unique going on in their facilities.
Pot hole repair, crack sealing, and seal coat bidding is about to become a pretty common and competitive practice as well. If you’ve driven down the roads lately, I'm sure that you have noticed that there are quite a lot of “axel breakers” out there! Some parking lots can be quite unsafe-- and a liability for your property! We look forward to giving clients different options of infrared patching, cold patching, and dig out/replacement of asphalt to make their lot a safe and positive first impression of their facility to their staff, clients, and vendors.
On the personal side of things, I am counting down until next week when my wife and I head to Mexico for our vacation! It is our first time back there since our honeymoon almost 3 years ago and we couldn’t be more excited! After that vacation, I arrive home for around 6 hours and then fly right back out with our All Star operations team to sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica! We are proud of our accomplishment of meeting some difficult metrics to qualify for a Chairman’s Club Trip. I am looking forward to spending time with my peers who also qualified for the trip, as well as some of our nationwide excellent Sales Teams coming down too!
Last and certainly not least, I am very excited for my newest opportunity here at City Wide as the Director Of Operations! I have been a Facility Services Manager for nearly 5 years and have greatly enjoyed my territory and being able to influence my peers locally and nationwide. Now I get an opportunity to work even more closely with my team and meet all of our clients! I will have the opportunity to help our other Facility Managers with some of their work load, visit accounts when things get difficult, help with new clients on-boarding process, and serve as a secondary point of contact for all of our clients. It is a big challenge and I can’t wait to really dive in the next 60 days and make an impact on how we operate and represent ourselves to our clients!