Friday, April 19, 2013

Week In Review: April 14th - 20th

Jarrad Nickolite: Facility Service Manager
Lots of big things going on in the West Metro!

We have started several new facilities this year and bunch more coming up, which is awesome.  I am pretty sure I don’t have to worry about being bored moving forward ;-)

I always enjoy spring time because that means Spring Cleaning!  This is a really busy time for our company as our customers are looking to have windows, carpets and tile cleaned.  They are also looking at other areas to be addressed like parking lot sweeping; to remove salt and sand debris from winter snow removal crews.

One of the funniest things I have read this week was in an email string, someone was reaching out to somebody else, wondering if they knew if spring fell on a Saturday this year.  Absolutely perfect for how things have been going.  I also bought a new boat this February and I’m itching to put it in the water.  My first fishing tournament of the year is in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on May 20th…nervous but can’t wait.

I know a couple of weeks ago Mitch touched on the Jamaica trip so I thought I could fill everyone in a bit.  Greg, Mitch, Tyler, and myself had a phenomenal time down there soaking up the sun.  I can’t speak for them but I can assure you, I was a beach bum the entire time. The weather was beautiful, high of 85 degrees each day.  Everything about the resort felt like paradise and I cannot wait to make it down to Puerto Vallarta next year.  It was also great to meet everyone and finally put a face with and name.  I think the highlight of the trip was the DOO from Kansas City caught a 8 and a half foot Marlin which turned out to be the biggest fish that captain has ever caught!