Friday, June 14, 2013

Week in Review: June 9th - 15th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

May and June have been very busy months here for me as I enter into my new role here as Director of Operations!

We have also been very excited and appreciative of the efforts and hard work of our two newest team members, Matt VanVoltenberg and Kirsten Engels!  Matt came on board in early April and dove quickly into his job responsibilities as a Night Manager. He has quickly earned trust and respect from those out doing the cleaning and supervision on a nightly basis at our facilities!

Kirsten came in to fill my role as the Facility Service Manager for the majority of my accounts in the Southeast Metro. She has done a great job of understanding the flow of things, following a good route, and getting out in front of clients to inspect their buildings and handle issues for them. There are a lot of projects going on in that territory between Kirsten and Matt and they continue to do well at getting them executed.

As I get more comfortable in the schedule and process of my new role here, I enjoy more and more getting in front of clients that I haven’t met before and seeing how we have represented them over the last few years.  It has given me an opportunity to see how each of our FSM’s interact directly with their clients, how they have helped them, and how we can help them with future projects. Once a week, I particularly like driving along with one of my FSMs on their entire route. This allows them to catch up on administrative work and enter all of their building inspection notes/project details so they can get ahead throughout the day, lightening up the afternoon a bit!

Getting around the entire territory has come with its fair share of driving but it is well worth it to get out and have a second set of eyes on our clients' buildings. It is nice to assist with inspections and planning and executing projects with our customers. We hope to have our clients see their secondary point of contact as an added value-- I am someone that they can reach out to and have a connection with if for example, their FSM is on vacation or needs a hand on a busy day!

Outside of the office I sound like a broken record but I am so appreciative of the sun and summer finally arriving! Greg and I fished Minnetonka last weekend and the weather was good for fishing but not hot and sunny. This weekend, I plan to hit the driving range, get a little patio organizing and cleaning done, and put a pork shoulder on the smoker for a good 12 hours to enjoy on Sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting out on the boat with Tyler Olson up at the cabin for some fishing and wakeboarding as well. Next week I am heading to my wife's family farm for my father-in-law's retirement party. There are several hundred people scheduled to attend from his years of dedication to the lending portion of the Southern Minnesota farming community. I look forward to celebrating as he retires from his position as a banker, and continues to farm which is his true passion and joy in life!

Enjoy the weekend and summer everyone!