Friday, August 16, 2013

Week in Review: August 11th - 17th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

I hope that summer has been treating everyone well! It has been good to City Wide and we have continued to grow and keep busy here this past month!

As we continue to sharpen our operations team and look at areas for improvement, we constantly come up with new ideas that we can try out and execute. I enjoy taking on these challenges and watching the FSM crew get out and execute them and see where it may help. One of the big things we have taken on is the maintenance programs which I saw Jarrad mention in a previous post. It truly is a great tool to put on paper for our customers! The maintenance program ensures that there are no missed services or necessary items that we overlook. Budgeting is easier for our customers and it makes scheduling and executing these projects easy on our end too. I hope to see the programs continue to make a difference in our current book of business and any new clients that sign up. A big thanks to FSM, Ed Gresco in Boston who brought that to our attention via Tyler DuBord!
I've continued to spend a bunch of time visiting buildings in our territory that I have never seen before and offer advice and solutions that could be helpful in their day to day operation or annual plan which I thoroughly enjoy. One aspect in my new role that I underestimated is the joy and pride I get when I visit a site without Tyler, Jarrad, or Kirsten and the client RAVES about how helpful, responsive, and alert they are in regards to their facility! Thank you to the team for this and I look forward to hearing these types of responses and praise as we go on the next 10 years.

The last month or so I have spent weekly meetings with Joe Choplin, our Director of Operations and support for the nation helping to sharpen my skill set and handle unique issues that come up. Aside from our day to day business that I've gotten his assistance with we've been focusing on the power of networking-- Staying in touch with old bosses, former peers, and old clients that you aren't doing business with.  I've enjoyed reconnecting with some former clients, a couple old bosses, and some peers that I do business with on a personal level, but only 1-2 times a year that we converse and its always business related.

Outside of the office I continue to try and stay fit and in shape!  I still get to the gym and box a little bit, some light biking and running here and there.  A couple rainy weekends back, my wife and I along with several friends took a camping trip that was wet but a ton of fun as always!  I've been focusing on improving my golf game (who doesn't need improvement there, right?), and have found a great coach that I am going to continue working with over the next year to stay sharp and develop some good sound habits!  I've never been so interested in the game of golf since I first decided to play, and realized how hard it can be.  That little white dimpled ball demands discipline, focus, mental compartmentalization, and repetitive quality behaviors if you even want a chance at performing at a consistent quality level and I look forward to a life of working at it!