Friday, August 30, 2013

Week in Review: August 16th - 30th

Kirsten Engels: Facility Service Manager

The past 4 months that I’ve been at City Wide have flown by so fast. I’ve only been here since May but it feels like I have been here forever. The fast paced, energetic, and friendly atmosphere has been amazing. I want to thank all of my co-workers for being there to train me and help me out with every situation that has come my way. They have made me a better manager and the support I have from them is incredible. Thanks guys!

When I first started with City Wide, I didn’t quite know what to expect and was anxious to learn all about the business and how it was ran. Coming in I started with approximately 40 buildings and as the months have gone by, the accounts that I manage have grown immensely. For example, just last week, Steve Reid and myself started 9 medical building in the south metro on the same day! It was a very exciting time for us. I even ended up staying in a hotel so I could be there to assist with a smooth transition.

So far, my experience with City Wide has been amazing and I can't thank Greg and Mitch enough for letting me join their team. I can’t wait to see what more is to come!