Friday, September 20, 2013

Week in Review: September 16th - 20th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Summer is on its way out and fall is abruptly approaching as the mornings get cool enough that I question a jacket but decide against until its truly good and cold!  It is an annual internal struggle skipping a jacket merely on principal when in all reality I am a big fan of the fall!
It has been a very busy window of time here as we have been taking on several projects with the help of the admin team!  We were lucky enough to bring on another support piece to our team, Kirsten Lund and she has been a big help here as she learns her role and our system.  It has been very nice to offload a handful of processes to them for better streamlining and consistency in our Ops Team. This allows us to be out in the field with customers, helping handle problems and taking care of building services.
This part of the year is always a busy one as it is in the approximate 6 month follow up timeline for window washing, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, and tile floor deep scrubbing.  The front end of the year clients typically do a full clean of all carpets, strip and wax and so on.  In the fall it is more of a touchup and get ready for winter type of project where they focus on high traffic areas and more light maintenance to have their buildings in order and looking great!
Flu Season is sadly among us, however we do offer Flu Seasonal Services where we can weekly, every-other-week, or monthly do a heavily focused detailed disinfecting of all touch points in your building.  For example, things like door knobs and light switch plates, but can be as detailed as microwave buttons and handles, or your fridge/freezer water nozzles and ice makers. These extra precautions helps to keep your office healthier, avoid sick days, and down time during the busy budgeting period and holiday prep for several of our clients.
As I mentioned above, I really do embrace all four seasons and Fall is one of my favorites as it brings early hunting season.  Tyler Olson and I already got out in the stand once this year for opener and are looking forward to this upcoming weekend spending some more time in the woods.  No major action this past weekend but there is a lot of season left to enjoy!