Friday, September 6, 2013

Week In Review: September 2nd - 6th

Tyler Olson: Sales Executive

The last time that I posted I had just been promoted to Sales Executive and the past few months have been amazing. I have spent much of the time learning the new role and getting a handle on the day to day activities that a sales executive executes. While it has had its struggles, my first quarter in the role has been amazing. We have had the best quarter of the year and are one of the top performing markets in City Wide.

On a personal note, I have been very busy this summer.  I managed to finish up my MBA program at St. Thomas. Now I have a piece of paper that comes with a loose promise that I will be able to do certain things well (sarcasm). I have also been very involved in the local Bicycle Race scene and have a number of good performances including a big win at the Birchwood Road Race in Hutchinson, MN. As most of the other folks in our office do, I have spent a number of hours on the lakes around the area fishing, including competing in a handful of bass tournaments with Greg.

Looking ahead into the fall, I am very excited for hunting season coming up as well as the first snow falls to be able to strap on my Cross Country Skis. I also am looking forward to a few work trips to visit other markets coming up in the next month or so.