Friday, October 18, 2013

Week in Review October 14th - 18th

Andrew Chapman: Sales Associate
Finally, the leaves have changed colors and fall is upon us.  We have been extremely busy in the office and out in the field.  The cooling weather reminds us of the large list that needs to be done before winter is here.  These lists kept our FSM’s busy with additional maintenance needs with many of our customers.  The sales team has been busy with potential clients and new openings.  Tyler and I delivered baskets of caramel sauce and apples to a couple dozen lucky businesses last week.  This was a huge success and all appreciation should be directed to Kelly and Kirsten for making the baskets look so great.  Thanks ladies!

I’ve been learning the ropes and couldn’t be happier with what I’ve already learned about this amazing company.  As my knowledge for City Wide grows it becomes much easier for business owners to see what makes us such a successful company.  We’ve been scheduling more and more appointments with potential clients.  I’ve been doing building surveys with clients and have really noticed how our services differentiate ourselves from the others.  I was able to attend my first IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) function where we toured a marvelous apartment complex off Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis.  There I heard about the entire build from the lead contractor and also got to meet a lot of really knowledgeable property managers from around town.  It was another great first experience.

As fall has brought a lot of excitement to City Wide it has also brought a lot of excitement to my personal life.  One of my favorite seasons is fall.  It would be my favorite but it’s followed by winter so it’s stuck with an asterisk, if you will. Sweatshirt weather, watching football, and even splitting wood makes this time of year quite enjoyable.  What I’m really excited about and will be losing my weekends to, is pheasant hunting.  We had a slow opener last weekend (as you can see in the picture) in Morris, MN but I’m optimistic that it will turn around soon.  I’ll be heading down past Marshall, MN this weekend and will try our luck in the Southwest corner of the state.  The reports say the birds are there so that’s where I’ll be.

Wish me luck and I hope everyone can enjoy this wonderful time of year, while it lasts!