Friday, November 29, 2013

Week In Review: November 25th - 29th

Jarrad Nickolite: Facility Service Manager

Things have been steady in the West Metro.  

We recently finished up a few large strip and wax projects as well as some large carpet cleaning jobs.  
I also received a call yesterday from one of my Construction customers wanting me to stop out and look at a larger upscale apartment building down town for a final post construction clean up.  Mitch and I walk the space today and hopefully we are awarded the work.  Very cool space and a good opportunity.  We also have a new customer coming on board starting Monday night, and excited for the opportunity.

I have to thank my crews and night management staff for the hard work these last few month. Things have just been really busy and I appreciate their positive attitude and there willingness to always help each other out.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone got the chance to spend some quality time with family and friends.  

One of my colleagues from Kansas City sent our operations team an email earlier this week and the last thing he wrote at the end of his email was.... "Remember to be thankful for everything we have".  I read that and it made me feel good, because it's true.  Often times we are so busy with work and the things going on around us, we don't stop to realize how grateful we really are.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week In Review: November 18th - 22nd

Tyler Olson: Sales Executive

Its been a busy fall so far and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! I'm happy to say that the Sales Team has had a great past few months. We've been busy with setting appointments, attending thorough building surveys, implementing some fun marketing projects, and closing deals.

On a personal front, in addition to work with City Wide, I've been busy with hunting, racing and traveling...

For hunting so far this year, the land that Mitch (our Director of Operations) and I hunt has been slow. However, I have been lucky enough to take one deer so far, a medium sized 6 point buck.  Hopefully we will get a few more deer off the land to fill up our freezers by the end of the year.

This past fall, I also started a new form of bicycle racing called cyclecross.  Essentially, it is a mix between road biking, mountain biking, and cross country running. It is a very exciting sport with lots of mud and crashes. I am also gearing up for the cross country ski season which I've gotten into pretty seriously over the past three years. My goal this year is to race a time good enough to make the “Elite Wave” next year in the American Birkibeiner Ski Race-- which is the largest ski race in North America.

Currently today, I am in Austin, Texas visiting my wife’s sister and their family. We are having fun with our 2.5 year old niece, and almost 1 year old nephew. Lots of trips to the park! We will be back in time to enjoy Thanksgiving in Minnesota with our families back home. I am very excited for the holiday season coming up and what 2014 has in store for us at City Wide of Minnesota.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week In Review: November 11th - 15th

Tyler DuBord: Facility Service Manager

It’s been a busy fall season in the North Metro! Significant time has been spend wrapping up floor work including a large scrub and wax project for our largest medical client, including 5 accounts in my territory alone. Thanks to the hard work and dedication between our Service Providers and our Night Management staff, we’ve been able to successfully execute this process each Spring and Fall. Specifically this past project which went extremely smooth without any issues. Thank you to our hard working SP’s and management staff to a job well done!!

Speaking of floor projects, we have recently found that introducing a “yearly maintenance schedule” for our customers is a huge help and win for our team. Our yearly maintenance schedules outline a plan throughout the entire year which includes floor projects like strip and wax, burnishing, ceramic tile cleaning and carpet cleaning. Also included on these schedules are projects like window cleaning and warehouse scrubbing. These schedules are completely customized to fit the specific needs of our customers and have lent the ability for myself to manage these projects without needing to gain approval from the customer each time. Again, it has been a huge win and makes life much easier on our ops team.

As many of you know, I’ve spent most of October and a lot of November in recovery from lower back surgery. I am now 5 weeks out and my Surgeon says I am on track for a full recovery and should be healthy as can be within a couple months. With that said, I will be back visiting customers on Wednesday, November 27th just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Though it’s been a tough recovery, I’ve been able to work from the home office the past several weeks staying in touch with my clients and colleagues. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a great team who has helped me through my recovery period like Mitch, who has visited numerous accounts on my behalf. Thanks everyone for the kind words and support during this time. I look forward to connecting with everyone in person very soon.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and the remainder of this Holiday Season!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Week in Review: November 4th - 8th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

October came and went very quickly this year and ended off with 20 trick-or-treaters coming to our door this year followed by a 10 point buck in our new front yard!  This was a very busy stretch for me both at City Wide and at home since we moved from our townhouse into a new home just a few miles West in Burnsville!
We have been very busy getting our customers setup this fall with their scrub/recoat work on VCT, traffic area carpet cleanings and exterior window washing in preparation for the winter months. Additionally we setup a few new snow contracts where we are pushing snow each event for our clients.  Just one more way we've been able to help our customers narrow down from 10+ venders to as few as 4 or 5.
I've had a great opportunity this month to spend time popping into Tyler DuBord's accounts to catch up with or meet new customers that I haven't in the past while he has been out. It has been a lot of fun hearing people give praise to how well he handles their facilities and help him look for opportunities where he can help his customers save time, money, and problem solve in general. There have been a lot of facilities in his territory to see and I've made it to a good amount which has been fun.
Outside of all of that we are working hard at getting our clients setup for ongoing maintenance programs where they have a very predictable maintenance budget and schedule they can count on.  We have a fair amount of our clients that already have us doing this for them as it makes their year very easy, and a new group we are hoping to get dialed in on this for long term planning.
As always I'd like to thank my team that is out every day checking on our customers, helping with projects big and small, and the Night Managers out tying everything together!
Have a great weekend and a safe holiday season!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Week In Review: October 28th - November 1st

Kelly Mansfield: Office Manager

Welcome, November! This fall has been a great one here at City Wide. In addition to the normal hustle bustle of every day office work, things have been busy with the hiring of Kirsten Lund, our new Sales & Operations Assistant as well as Andrew Chapman, our new Sales Associate this past fall.

Kirsten signed on with City Wide right after Labor Day and after working closely with her for several weeks, I feel confident saying that she is fully trained in her role. She works proactively and with great enthusiasm and it is nice to have another individual to help Brian and I with all office aspects for the sales and operations team. We're happy to have you, Kirsten!

Andrew has been with us for almost the same amount of time and has had an exceptional few months here at City Wide as well. I'm sure that Tyler would agree that he and Andrew make a great sales team-- setting multiple wonderful appointments and closing many of them. Keep up the great work, Andrew!

In addition to assisting the operations team with our normal duties, Kirsten and I have enjoyed putting together a few fun marketing projects this fall as well. The sales team dropped fall themed baskets of apples and caramel sauce off at select prospect facilities and Kirsten and I had fun putting them together. If you were one of the lucky ones, we hope that you enjoyed the baskets and we'd love to show you the City Wide Difference :-)

Kirsten and I compile bags of delicious chocolate chip cookies every week for the sales team as well. This is a fun (and temping!) project we hope that prospective customers enjoy too.

Like I mentioned, if you were a recipient of one of these marketing drops this fall, feel free to give us a call. We'd love to show you how City Wide can save you time, effort, and money! Have a wonderful November. Hopefully the holidays are welcomed into Minnesota without too much inconvenient winter weather!