Friday, November 8, 2013

Week in Review: November 4th - 8th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

October came and went very quickly this year and ended off with 20 trick-or-treaters coming to our door this year followed by a 10 point buck in our new front yard!  This was a very busy stretch for me both at City Wide and at home since we moved from our townhouse into a new home just a few miles West in Burnsville!
We have been very busy getting our customers setup this fall with their scrub/recoat work on VCT, traffic area carpet cleanings and exterior window washing in preparation for the winter months. Additionally we setup a few new snow contracts where we are pushing snow each event for our clients.  Just one more way we've been able to help our customers narrow down from 10+ venders to as few as 4 or 5.
I've had a great opportunity this month to spend time popping into Tyler DuBord's accounts to catch up with or meet new customers that I haven't in the past while he has been out. It has been a lot of fun hearing people give praise to how well he handles their facilities and help him look for opportunities where he can help his customers save time, money, and problem solve in general. There have been a lot of facilities in his territory to see and I've made it to a good amount which has been fun.
Outside of all of that we are working hard at getting our clients setup for ongoing maintenance programs where they have a very predictable maintenance budget and schedule they can count on.  We have a fair amount of our clients that already have us doing this for them as it makes their year very easy, and a new group we are hoping to get dialed in on this for long term planning.
As always I'd like to thank my team that is out every day checking on our customers, helping with projects big and small, and the Night Managers out tying everything together!
Have a great weekend and a safe holiday season!