Friday, December 27, 2013

Week in Review: December 23 - 27

Kirsten Engels: Facility Service Manager

Happy end of the year! The fourth quarter has been a very busy one for me. City Wide has had a handful of new account in the south metro, keeping me on my toes! We have one new account in particular that has great potential. The day porter we have there has been doing an excellent job, and we are thrilled to be able to start two at two more of the branches as we start the New Year!
As I approach my seven month anniversary, I am even more comfortable in my role, and confident that I am able to give my customer a single point of contact for all there maintenance needs for their building.

 We have been scheduling a lot of carpet cleaning, the holidays have been the perfect time for our clients to be away from the office, and give us a chance to sneak in a work our magic. Strip and wax jobs have also been keeping us busy, as we all know how hard the Minnesota weather can be on VCT.  Viper tooling is a long process and out clients are always amazed at the final product. We have been so lucky to have our service providers pride themselves on their work. One of our clients was able to see the process, and was truly amazed at all the dirt and grime that was being removed. Needless to say the service provider was grinning ear to ear proud.

Christmas came and went extremely fast. I took the 7 hour venture up to Superior and then over Isle. It was so good to see the rest of my family. I hope everyone got to spend some good quality time with their families and loved ones. I can’t believe it is already over. Now, I will have 300 plus days to go shopping for next year. J

I’m looking forward to the New Year!