Friday, December 13, 2013

Week In Review: December 9th - 13th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

The cold came incredibly quickly this year!  I can’t say I would complain one bit about the difficult two weeks of weather we’ve had.  As an avid ice-fisherman, I am glad to see the lakes frozen with double digit inches of ice that I can drill holes in on the weekends!

We’ve had busy 4th quarter here in the operations side helping onboard new clients that the sales team has delivered.  There have been several clients that we have picked up that needed their janitorial locked down for them daily along with a single point of contact for all of their carpets, windows, floor waxing and consumable supply needs, that we have been able to solve for them. 
Kirsten E. has been incredibly busy in the south metro working on some daytime cleaning that has begun, that required her to be on site helping guide the crews through the customers expectations at 6am in Minneapolis.  That group is off to a great start and the client is very appreciative of the efforts we’ve had out the gates for them.

We wrapped up scrub and wax/traffic area carpet cleaning for 17 medical clinics here in town that we service between October and November and that was a great project to get done prior to the winter months! They are prepped and ready for the beating that Minnesota winters are sure to deliver!

I’m excited for Jarrad to come back next week and share some learning and knowledge from an advanced training that we sent him down to in Kansas City.  Several of our operating cities send a standout FSM down to collaborate with each other and learn best practices from their peers, and some of our higher level territory support we receive from our corporate office.  Much appreciated that he took the time to go down there and pick up some new ideas and tips/tricks and look forward to putting it into practice here in Minnesota!

2013 has been very good to me and I have to thank the operations team that has supported me here in my new role!  A huge thanks goes out to Tyler D, Jarrad, Kirsten E, Steve R, Mike, and Steve M for their support this year and their efforts to our new goals for next year! 

Additionally, our operation could not be nearly as successful without the support of our Admin crew lead by Brian, and heavily supported by Kelly (now out with a cute little one), and our newest addition, Kirsten Lund, who has transitioned well into her position here! Thank You!

I am looking forward to our Holiday Party with everyone next week for a chance to relax a bit before the craziness of the holidays and new year contracts begin!

Have a safe and happy Holiday everyone, and thank you for the support!