Friday, January 24, 2014

Week In Review: January 20th - 24th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Well, 2014 has been off to a busy start.  In our operation and company it is important that we focus not so much on resolutions, but to put a heavy emphasis on GOALS.  Each year we plan for the next and put in place smart goals that we can measure and execute.  In 2014 we believe we have set ourselves up to reach our goals as individuals and as a team.  Everything we have set out to accomplish is client focused and driven by a desire to provide the best service to our customers that we can.
Snow removal has been a big topic around our operations team lately-- Ensuring that we have drivers lined up, shovelers ready to go, and salt trucks in line to take care of our lots before the snowfall.  A big part of that process going smoothly begins with our Admin Team monitoring the snow forecasts on a daily basis and updating our clients a couple times a week on what may be coming.  Based on the forecasts, we as an operations team proactively ensure people are in place and ready to go should we hit a client’s snow trigger depth or a freezing rain may be on the way that we need to get some salt down to combat slips and falls.  This is a timely process but well worth it to ensure a safe lot and a happy client.  This is also the time of the year when we begin to audit piles of snow to see if any plans need to be made for bobcat or off-site removal. As we’ve had plenty of snowfall, some clients have limited space and need that extra step to keep their lot clear and ready for the February/March snow to come!
In terms of new clients, we’ve had a good group of new customers signed up in the last few weeks and several needed to start on short notice.  We have a strong operations team here between the FSM’s and Night Managers and they are always willing to rearrange a schedule to get things off to a good start for a new client.  These buildings have been unique in their own individual ways and have presented their own challenges as we learned their facility and got crews in place.  Thank you to the committed operations team for getting these all up and running.
Additionally, welcome our newest Night Manager, Tyler DeVries! He has been an excellent addition to the management team here and it has been rewarding watching Tyler and Kirsten Engels team up to work on items in their territory and improve overall service!
On the personal front, Liz and I are off to Lake Mille Lacs this weekend with a few friends to rent a sleeper house and hopefully find some fish under the ice!  Mille Lacs has had a tough few years of fishing but we figure that it is basically camping on the ice so we are ready to enjoy the time whether we catch fish or not.  Aside from that I continue to ice fish locally on the weekends as my primary "relax and reset" activity.
I'm looking forward to some travel in March for our annual City Wide convention in Florida and hope to find some time for Liz and I to find a trip or two to warmer climates this winter/spring... but no firm plans quite yet. Happy 2014 all, enjoy!