Friday, January 10, 2014

Week in Review: January 6th - 10th

Andrew Chapman: Sales Associate

What a great 2013! All of us have been very busy wrapping up the year and starting to look forward to the next.  In December, we had a handful of new starts with great clients.  January is already shaping up to follow suit.

It was very nice having the some extra time with the family over the holidays.  I didn’t think I would get sick of entire days being spent just hanging out and eating.  I guess anything is possible.  Obviously, the gift giving was a blast.  I’m excited about the new iPad that I’ll be able to use for work and my new ice auger, which, will be more for play.  Hopefully the weather warms up a little so I can get out on the ice and do some fishing.

I haven’t been able to get outside much just because the weather has been so cold, even for Minnesota.  If we ever do see positive temperatures again I’m hoping to head up north to the cabin.  We typically do a good mix of snowmobiling and ice fishing while just trying to stay warm.  Towards the end of the month I have a trip planned with a large group of buddies to go to Lake of the Woods.  It’ll be my first time ice fishing up there so I can’t wait.

As I get excited for the good things winter brings I’m also trying to get a head start to the year.  A lot of companies are looking to switch their cleaners in the beginning of the year so it’s keeping Tyler and myself more than busy.  We love all the activity and are excited for all the new solutions we’ll be offering those looking to City Wide for the help.