Friday, February 21, 2014

Week In Review: February 17th - 21st

Tyler Olson: Sales Executive

In the last few months, things have been very busy.  To start the year off in the sales department, we had a number of new accounts that decided City Wide was the service provider for them.  I have spent a good amount of my time making sure that they started up well and are taken care of.
Mitch Brunette (DOO), Greg Mansfield (President), Brian Mansfield (Business Analyst) and I are getting ready to head to Florida for City Wide's Annual Convention.  Although we will be in the warm weather (hopefully) it will mostly be business.  We will be learning new things and hopefully teaching some things in order to make sure that City Wide continues to be the best service provider in our markets.
Outside of work, I have been doing a ton of cross country skiing.  I've been spending 20+ hours per week training for the racing season.  I have had some good success this year in races with a number of Top 10 finishes, as well as a Top 15 at the Vasaloppet, which is a 58 kilometer (36mile) race in Mora, Minnesota.  All of this is in preparation for my main focus of the season which is the Great American Birkibeiner.  This race is the largest ski race in North America with over 10,000 people participating.  My goal is to make it into the Elite Skier wave next year, which is based on the finish place this year.
Talk to you again soon!