Friday, March 21, 2014

Week In Review: March 17th - 21st

Kirsten Engels: Facility Service Manager

March has had some strange weather this year. I never know whether or not to bring a coat to work.

This winter has been pretty busy in the south metro. I have a couple of accounts where I handle the snow removal for them. Trust me, it has been a pretty busy year for this. Hopefully with it finally being Spring, it will start to get warmer in the next couple weeks and we don't have to plow snow anymore!

Coming up next month we have a lot of spring projects going on at our facilities. As soon as the snow melts, our floor crews become the busiest getting the building ready for spring. Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Carpet cleaning and wax work is a big priority to many of my customers because it helps to remove all the remaining salt from the floors.

I know I have been talking about how I want the snow to be gone, but this week I am actually heading out to Colorado to go snowboarding at Vail and Keystone. I haven’t been to the mountains since high school and I am very excited to get back there. Unfortunately we will be driving there which is roughly a 15 hour drive. I am hoping this will go by fast and that we have a fun time!