Friday, March 7, 2014

Week In Review: March 3rd - 7th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

March has been very well received by all at City Wide and pretty much every client I’ve spoken with in the last few days!  The brutal winter has to come to an end at some point and the sun being at the right angle and seeing melting snow/ice of lots and roads is a bit of a sigh of relief for all Minnesotans!  This week, I messaged a picture of a snow drift so tall that it had snowed in a door and several windows at one of our facilities to my brother in law from Baton Rouge.

So speaking of, we’ve been very busy in the snow removal world this last month, making sure timely pushes are handled and excellent communication gets out to our clients when there are difficult events.  The most difficult events to handle are the snowfalls that begin at 3am or later and you don’t see an inch or 2 of snow until 6 or 7am.  By that point most people are arriving to work and traffic has begun for all and our plows as well.  We take pride in our proactive approach of notifying clients in advance about the game plan. This open communication about when to expect a truck to clear their lot is what keeps everyone happy!

Additionally, we are also getting ready to prep and plan for our big floor wax and carpet cleaning season.  The rush is on for a large group of our clients that have mandatory floor care that gets done in the month of April.  An excellent group of wax crews, carpet crews and our management team gets out to tackle countless jobs between April and May.  They ensure that your spring cleaning is being handled and that the dirt, debris, salt and mess from winter is gone.

We’ve had an excellent start to 2014 so far and am very thankful for our new group of Night Management that we’ve brought on.  They’ve all taken on the job well and are quickly making strides here in their new positions.  I’d like to welcome and thank Tyler DeVries, Jose Alatriste, Aaron Bowen, and soon to start Matt Carpenter! They’ve been a great addition to our CW Team this year!

In my world outside of City Wide, I’ve been working hard the last weeks with my golf coach at the outdoor heated ranges on getting my swing in shape for spring.  Hard work with the irons and driver are beginning to pay off and I am dying to see some green grass out there to go get out and play!  We are heading to Florida for the Annual Convention today and I look forward to swinging my clubs down there.  Liz and I are planning some travel to Texas in May, but aside from that it has been a pretty quiet winter here at our new house in Burnsville!