Friday, April 25, 2014

Week in Review: April 21st - 25th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations:

I’m quite pleased to have the opportunity to welcome what finally feels like an official beginning to spring!  This last week with a bit of rain and storms, followed by sun and 50-60 degrees has been excellent-- Couldn’t ask for anything better!
We’ve been happy to put the snow removal invoices behind us for the winter and make a major focus adjustment onto spring projects.  I’ve seen lots of work getting setup across the board for exterior and interior window washing, strip and wax work, and carpet cleaning!  We appreciate the work from our clients and always look forward to seeing the results in their facilities, and the overall warmer feel and positive introduction to their buildings for their clients and employees!
As spring shifts into summer we will be handling several medical facilities for their strip and wax work and full carpet cleanings, this is a large project that we are entrusted with and takes a lot of dedication from our wax crews all the way up to our site managers and myself to help ensure we get it accomplished in a timely fashion and ensure excellent results.
Aside from the traditional indoor cleaning projects that get done to remove the mess of winter, there are some outdoor ones as well that keep leftover winter mess from coming inside.  We’ve been busy providing parking lot sweeping, line striping and asphalt quotes to get clients lots in top shape!  Pressure washing is another busy item trying to clean the first couple hundred feet of sidewalks, dumpster areas, and rust on the sides of buildings that have roof runoffs or a leaky faucet.
In the last 10-12 weeks of winter I spent a lot of time at the heated driving range on the weekends with my golf coach trying to sharpen up my golf game and have been very pleased with the results.  I was so antsy to get out and play that I did make it out twice while we had the brief week of nice weather, and then again about a week ago in 34 degrees!  Aside from golfing outside of work, Liz and I are enjoying time out on the deck, raking leaves, organizing sticks and firewood out in the yard to be ready to enjoy every bit of the summer!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week In Review: March 31st - April 4th

Andrew Chapman: Sales Associate:

It seems that the City Wide team has been very focused on the weather which comes of no surprise.  As I write this, we are being blanketed by another snow storm that could reach up to a foot in depth.  I thought it being Spring time and seeing grass meant we were heading out of winter.  Looks like we’ll be plowing and shoveling for at least another week.

But not all is bad for Minnesota this time of the year.  The Minnesota Gophers won the Basketball Championship in the NIT.  Not the true March Madness but nevertheless, enjoyable to watch.  Our City Wide team also had a big victory recently.  At our Annual Convention that was in Florida this year, City Wide of Minnesota was announced as the top franchise of the year.  This was a huge honor for us as we’ve been aware of our great success but there were a lot of great markets across the country that we had to beat out to earn this award.  The sales team has been in overdrive throughout the winter and a lot of our success has come from that consistency.  I have to give props to our entire operations team, though.  They have kept all of our clients happy with continual communication, proactive attention to details, and overwhelming hard work.  Great job team we all deserve this!

For me, I’ve been living a more quiet life.  I think most of us are still in hibernation until Spring comes.  I mean actual Spring; with birds singing, doing yard work, and being able to ENJOY grilling.  Last weekend was a lot of family time.  Jessica’s brother and grandpa had their birthdays last week so we celebrated with them most of the weekend.  My grandpa, Dick Chapman, turned 84 last weekend, as well.  We threw him a big party with a lot of friends and family that came.  My dad also surprised him with some of his old buddies from WCCO.  Some of the friends were Steve Murphy, Erik Escola, Rob Brown, and Bruce Hagevik.  A little difficult getting a word in with any of them because the stories didn’t stop until they walked out the door.  I could tell my grandpa enjoyed it and that’s what it was all about!