Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in Review: May 26th - 30th

Kirsten Engels: Facility Services Manager

Hi from the South Metro!
We have been really busy this month with maintenance programs at all our facilities.
Recently I’ve been working on a lot of window washing projects and pressure washing of underground parking garages and the exteriors of buildings. Since we had such a horrible winter it has left a lot of my facilities with water stains and salt stains all over the building. The results we have been having are from these two projects are phenomenal.
Tyler DuBord and I are working on a large window washing project in St. Paul that has us doing drop cleaning. We went out this week to take a look at the project, first off the view of St. Paul in the spring time is amazing and while we were up on the roof looking at the beautiful view we learned a lot about the process of how drop cleaning is done. We inspected the roof to make sure that the roof passed the new requirements that OSHA has for window washing that needs to be drop cleaned. 
During my free time I’ve been hit the range a lot to work on my swing. Changed my whole swing up this year, so hopefully my golf game will turn around this year.