Friday, July 25, 2014

Week In Review: July 21st - July 25th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Summer is always an excellent time of year for City Wide!  We begin to shift from Spring/Late Spring cleaning into fall/winter prep.  Just as we start to embrace the warm sun, humidity, and sun tans, we shift our mindset to winter cleaning, snow removal bids, and fall follow up projects in September-November!

As my role as DOO continues to evolve, I’ve been able to shift my responsibility from working directly with several clients, down to just a handful that I can give excellent attention to and work more as a coach/leader for the entire department.  I’ve spent a lot of time riding along with the FSM team seeing facilities that I hadn’t seen in the past. We looked for opportunities to improve our cleaning and processes, and made contact with clients that I hadn’t previously had the opportunity to meet...which I really enjoy!

There are few accomplishments in the past couple months, worth mentioning... We had an excellent contest showing by the Minnesota team in our nation wide FSM contest.  I’ll spare you the details, but it’s a well rounded contest covering multiple aspects of our business operation over the course of 6 months.  Jarrad, Kirsten and Tyler all finished in the top 5 out of everyone, and are on pace to have an excellent second contest in the back half of the year!  Jarrad has been working on a construction project involving moving walls, closing up doors, changing ceiling grid, remodeling 4 bathrooms and much more.  He’s been all over it! Finally, we partnered with a new Consumables Vendor that has expanded our ability to provide more items to our clients, and reach some clients that we couldn’t previously reach.  Tyler has 5 clients that now are using us to manage and order their supply inventory (TP, Towels, soap, etc), and we have several more that are looking to come on board in Kirsten and Jarrad’s territories!

Outside of the office, I’ve been hobby jumping, as I tend to do.  Last year I invested several hours a week into Boxing and Sparring.  This winter, I began working with a golf coach at the indoor range and have continued to sharpen my golf game up.   This spring, my wife and I decided to enter a couple BBQ Contests and our first one is coming up in late August, so we’ve been prepping and practicing for that.  This week, I re-entered the boxing gym world, leaving out competitive fighting and just focusing on the fitness/light sparring aspect to keep in shape, doing something I really enjoy.  Aside from that, we’ve had summer weddings, picnics, family events and a pretty traditional summer all in all.  Enjoy the rest of summer and bring on some Vikings football!