Friday, August 22, 2014

Week in Review: August 18th - 22nd

Kirsten Engels: Facility Services Manager

Hi from the South Metro! 

August has been a humid month so far but it has also been very eventful!  We have been doing a lot of window washing jobs and maintenance program work being done at our facilities. The maintenance programs have been very helpful with the planning and scheduling of projects for my customers and myself. Having a plan of when the work is being done has been very helpful for budgeting and preparation. 

Today we are doing a large window washing job out in Lakeville. We have brought in a scissor lift to do all the sky lights in the building. It's a big but nothing that our window crew can't handle.

On a personal note, I just got back from Vegas with one of my best friends. We went out two weekends ago to celebrate my birthday! It was a ton of fun and I plan on going back very soon. We saw some shows, ate amazing food and enjoyed laying out at the pool. 

Happy Friday all! Hope you have an amazing weekend.