Friday, August 29, 2014

Week In Review: August 25th-29th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

If there is such a thing as a happy ending to summer, I hope you are able to find it! Fall is rapidly approaching, the fair is here, allergies are in the air, and fall follow up facility work is coming soon.

Summer treated us well at City Wide!  We’ve started a good variety of new clients facilities, and continued to manage projects at our existing facilities ranging from carpet, VCT, window washing and Jarrad’s personal baby, a construction project and remodel!

Steve and our night management team Aaron, Tyler and Jose have been able to have some time off outside of the office for road trips, family vacations and staycations, all while supporting each other’s territories while others were out so that each of our facilities received the evening treatment they needed.

Tyler Olson mentioned the BBQ I hosted at my house and the game of PIG!  I didn’t encourage the mysterious disappearance of our new highly coveted office trophy, but I do enjoy watching the enthusiasm it has driven around creative hiding places, scavenger hunts and inter office friendly rivalry.

Finally, my wife and I have anxiously awaited our first BBQ Cooking Competition which we completed last weekend here in August!  We had great neighboring cooks that were veterans and very willing to give us help and feedback when needed.  We competed against 54 total teams, and finished 39th overall!  We took 17th place in Ribs and Liz took 11th place in dessert!  We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to returning to Albert Lead in August next year, but will also find a competition in May and June to try and learn and improve!