Friday, October 10, 2014

Week In Review: Oct 6th - 10th

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

The last opportunity I had to share on here, I was just wrapping up my BBQ contest- posting pictures of excellent food and looking forward to Fall.  Now that fall is here, I’m not embracing it as much as I originally anticipated!
We’ve continued to keep busy here in the office. Our team has been very involved in getting new accounts started in the last 2 weeks.   We picked up a large group of new medical clinics in town and our team has been working very hard, long hours to get them up to our standards. Then, we will be able to transition to our normal weekly visits vs. the daily attention.

I am presently working on getting a large floor care project set up, that will likely take a lot of time to complete before the snow flies.

Our FSM and Admin team have been working on a lot of snow bids lately for our sites. -Everything from ½” triggers for snow plows, to sidewalk shoveling services in order to maintain our clients sites.  There is still time to get a program in place if you haven’t bid out your snow!
On a personal note, I’ve been able to get out in the deer stand a few times the past few weeks. Each time I have seen deer, but no luck to close the deal yet.  Our Sales Executive, Tyler Olson ,was nice enough to meet me out at a ski shop and help me get setup with a set of cross country ski’s. Soon, I can add yet another hobby to my busy schedule!  My wife and I continue to cheer on the Vikings on the weekends, and hope to see Teddy back soon!