Friday, October 17, 2014

Week in Review: October 13th - 17th

Kirsten Lund: Office Manager

Hi from the office!

Well, I have been quite busy in the office. -I haven't had much time to share what's been happening! We recently took on a handful of new accounts. They certainly have been keeping everyone on their toes. Our admin team has done a great job of keeping all the paperwork straight, our Operations Team keeps active by inspecting the accounts and relaying all requests, as the Night Managers perfect them at night, and of course our Sales Team has been a huge help filling in whenever possible. When we start a new account we schedule an "Ops Walk."  With that, I have the opportunity to get out of the office and meet our contacts, while taking helpful notes to relay back to the crew. Without a doubt, this is my favorite part...getting out and shaking hands with the people that we will be making a difference with.

The Sales Team has been very active lately. With Tyler taking time off to tend to his new addition, Andrew Chapman (Sales Associate) has done an excellent job to make sure his absence has been seamless. Tyler and Andrew came up with a spooky marketing drop for Halloween. It is always fun to put together these special drops that make a big impact. Luckily, I will have Shelly in the office to help!

On the home front, my two little ones don't seem to be so little anymore. Ken (5) and Liz (4) are both getting excited for Halloween. They had a costume contest at Ken's Cub Scout pack meeting earlier this week.  Ken didn't take home a prize, but Liz won best girl costume! She was beyond thrilled! On top of Halloween, Ken's birthday is approaching faster than I can keep up.  Shortly after that we will be moving on to the craziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Where has this year gone? Hope you all enjoy the weekend, and are able to keep the cold weather germs away!