Friday, October 3, 2014

Week In Review: Sept 29th - Oct 3rd

Andrew Chapman: Sales Associate

Welcome to the Fall Season! I wish the summer could last forever but it’s Minnesota, so we all knew colder weather was ahead.  I actually don't mind fall, but dread the winter weather that is likely on it's way.  Archery season is open, though I sadly haven’t been in the woods yet.  Next week, Pheasant Season begins and I will definitely be heading either South or West to find some birds.  Before hitting the field, I think Tyler Olson and I will head out to South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club and practice on some clay pigeons.  I know I need the practice!

The entire team has been hard at work! We just started nearly a dozen medical facilities and still have a few more set to start in the middle of the month.  Very exciting time for City Wide!  This is the perfect time for us to be starting these accounts, with Flu season upon us.  A number of our customers have asked for our flu season package, so we can disinfect all the touch points around their offices and help keep the bacteria out. 

I hope the trend of new business keeps up because it definitely keeps my mind off the colder weather.  Hopefully we’ll stay so busy that I won’t even know when winter arrives!!