Friday, November 21, 2014

Week In Review: Nov 17th - 21st

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

I’d like to begin by stating that fall came and went all too quickly, but we’ll make it through as we always do!  We’ve been launched abruptly into winter cleaning practices with special chemicals to eat up the salt on the hard floors/rugs leading into our clients lobbies. We're also using special chemicals that don’t freeze to clean the front windows, streak free, at our buildings.  On top of all that, we starting plowing a few new lots this year. We have been working with our drivers and clients to ensure snow is put where they want it.  Additionally, we make a point of applying the right applications of salt, to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors.

A continuing large project of ours is, the floor care for a group of our facilities that began in early October.  This project will run through the end of the year.  We are scrubbing and recoating tile flooring, machine scrubbing vinyl and ceramic floors, and cleaning carpet...lots of carpet!  It’s a big project to handle, but our crews are up to the challenge! Our night managers are investing their time, making sure the crews know where all the work should be completed and what the clients' expectations are.  A big thank you to Steve, Aaron, Tyler, and Jose!  -These guys are out there at night, making sure those projects run smoothly and the buildings are secure/alarms are armed.

We are very excited about adding 3 more people to our team, and we are on the hunt to fill the positions!  We are looking for an FSM to run our NW Territory. They will also be trading off accounts from Jarrad, Tyler, Kirsten and myself, to make a nice group of accounts managed up in that quadrant of the metro.  We are also working to bring on two more Night Managers to run the North metro.  They will be a big help in dedicating more time to our buildings at night, from a territory management standpoint.   With their help, we will be working on key items that keep our customers' buildings clean/organized and projects running smoothly.
Outside of the City Wide world, I’ve been traveling a lot recently.  -Some for work and some for fun.  I’ve put a bunch of hours in at the stand, hunting for the last few weeks and still have some work to do!  I am embracing our new snow and I am anxious to get out on my new cross country skis! I'll be brushing up on my skills, so I can hopefully keep up with Tyler Olson one day!  Hope everyone enjoys the winter weather and has a Happy Holiday!