Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week In Review: Nov 24th - 28th

Jarrad Nickolite: Facility Services Manager

Hello from the West Metro:

 Winter is here!  I hope everyone has partnered with a reliable snow vendor for the remainder of the year.  If you happen to need help with your property, feel free to reach out to your FSM.

 Things are still running steady on this side of the city.  We continue to bring on new business and new customers.  Our office is continuing to grow as well.....which is great for the operations side of things!
Tyler, Kirsten and I are staying busy with a large floor work and carpet cleaning project that will wrap up at the end of December.

I also have a few other projects going on myself, which consist of patching and painting walls in private offices/conference rooms.  Additionally, I have a large warehouse power washing job going on, in which we are washing concrete walls that are 32' tall and totals 300,000 sq ft!  We rented 2 scissor lifts to complete the scope of work.  Pretty cool project to be able to do!

 I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels.