Friday, January 16, 2015

Week In Review: Jan 12th - 16th

Kirsten Engels: Facility Services Manager

Hi from the South Metro! 

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks, here at City Wide Maintenance of MN. We are starting new accounts all over the Twin Cities! Our team has been working hard to get these accounts turned around, so we can keep them looking clean. The salt has been a huge challenge, but thankfully we have an astounding chemical, which works wonders at breaking it all down. 

This week, I was able to go down to Kansas City for some training.  I took away many useful tips, that I am excited to bring back to Minnesota!

On a personal note, I have been enjoying the winter weather.  A couple of my friends and I went ice fishing and I learned how to take the fish off the hook by myself!  Let's just say, I didn't see myself ever being able to do that. Aside from fishing, I've been to some MN Wild games, gone snowboarding and have been living up the Minnesota winter!