Friday, February 6, 2015

Week In Review: Feb 2nd-6th

Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Hello from the northwest metro:

As we are a month into 2015, it is looking as though it will be a strong year at City Wide. January was a very busy month.  We started facilities all over the twin cities, including Buffalo and Cokato, MN. These facilities have been a really good learning curve for us, as they are a large leader in the healthcare industry and are teaching us the best ways to clean these types of buildings.

Our Sales staff is off and running, getting bids and proposals to customers in all 4 territories! Andrew and Tyler have been pounding the pavement, lining up new buildings for us to clean and that means City Wide is in for an exciting 2015!

Outside of the office, I'm trying to enjoy the winter as much as possible. Catching the illusive walleyes, while ice fishing and trying not to crash, while snowboarding. It has been a great winter so far, and it is only half way through.  February should be a good month, inside and outside of the office.  Hope everyone is having a good year and I'll see you on my next visit!