Friday, March 13, 2015

Week In Review: March 9th - 13th

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

I would hate to speak too soon, but it appears that winter has forfeited here in 2015! Of course, as we all know this is Minnesota, and anything can happen in April or May.  My wish and hope, is that we escaped winter a little bit early this year and can have a nice spring, before the humidity & heat of summer arrives.

The first quarter of the year, we have been very busy starting up several new buildings, ranging from car dealerships, some office buildings, a few manufacturing sites, and a bunch of medical clinics!  Of course it's been a busy start, but it's nice to grow and bring on new business to take care of, which will shake up our day to day routine.  

As we approach spring, we have already began to receive requests for updated landscaping bids and pricing for various clients.  We will quickly get busy with parking lot sweeping, pressure washing, strip and wax work, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and all other spring cleaning-type projects.

In the last few weeks, we have also updated our resources, equipment, chemicals, and process related to deep cleaning of tile and grout. Whether it be found in your restroom or your entryway, we have a great solution in place to clean up your grout and restore it closer to its natural color. 

With everything going on in the first quarter, I would like to thank our operations team for all of their time, energy, and efforts that have gone into starting this group of business! Also, a thank you to our Admin team for keeping it organized, and our Sales team for finding the work & helping to get it rolling!

Outside of the office, Liz and I have been busy barbecuing ribs & pork shoulders and hosting guests as they visit Minnesota for ice fishing and other winter activities.  I also joined our sales executive, Tyler Olson, in his ski race in Wisconsin. He completed the entire race. I did a shorter version, which was very challenging, yet exciting to accomplish!