Friday, June 5, 2015

Week In Review: June 1st - 5th

Andrew Chapman: Sales Associate

Oh, what a busy time of the year it has been.  City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota has been starting new accounts with some of the biggest names around the Twin Cities and they’ve kept us busy as can be.  It’s always fun being able to offer our building maintenance solutions to facilities that were simply built to impress.  It really goes a long way too, when I point out some of the nicest facilities in the Twin Cities, and I can tell potential customers that those buildings are kept in such an elite condition because City Wide is taking care of them!  We have the finest group of Facility Service Managers whom guarantee their customers are happy 24/7, even if that means their nights are spent at our customer’s buildings.

We’ve also been working with a lot of schools this spring.  From past experience and the current schools we manage, we know that this is a great time of the year for faculty to review their janitorial services along with many other services as well.  It’s difficult to make a change in the middle of the school year, so we’ve received numerous recent calls from schools looking to have City Wide bid out their janitorial services.  If anyone knows of a teacher or school faculty member that isn't satisfied with their current janitorial service, have them call me!  Nobody wants a dirty office building or car dealership, but when we’re dealing with children, cleanliness is very important. 

Even when I’m not helping new customers with their building maintenance concerns, I’ve continued to stay very busy.  I’m very excited to say that I’m getting married next weekend!  We have been planning for nearly a full year, but it feels like the last week has been completely consumed with wedding details and questions that I never imagined dealing with.  It’s very exciting that the big day is finally here and we’re looking forward to celebrating with everyone...but at this point, I just want to be married to her!  All together, everything should be amazing and I just hope my wife-to-be has the happiest day of her life!