Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week In Review: June 8th - 12th

Mitch Brunette: Director Of Operations

I never fail to be surprised by the activity we have going on in and out of our office, and this Spring into Summer has the same trend!  We’ve been very involved, taking on a new business each week and month.  Our sales team has had a very strong year of new business, that we are happy to be able to work on. 

In the last 5 months, we’ve brought on a lot of new teams and crews to take on the work that we have coming our way.  It has been a lot of fun meeting the new people, getting them oriented to our systems and the industry as a whole, and kicking off the new facilities.  Our staff/crew members pay close attention to details to ensure the client is happy with their new level of cleanliness.

As usual, with Spring and Summer comes the post-winter cleaning.  I’m sure you’ve heard a lot from our management team in the previous weeks, discussing carpet, wax, windows and other deeper cleaning projects we’ve been involved in.  These next couple of weeks, we are wrapping up a 3 month project for one of our larger clients. We have been working each week and weekend on 3-5 of their sites for wax and carpet!

Last weekend, I was very happy to host the 2nd Annual City Wide BBQ at my house!  I woke up at 3am to fire up the smoker, inject the brisket, rub it down, and by 3:45am the smoker was dialed in at 250 Degrees and the brisket went on.  I cleaned up and went back to bed around 4:30 to grab a couple hours of much needed sleep.  -The night before was a successful evening of softball, rounding the bases.  Anyway, we had a great crowd this year at the BBQ!  It was enjoyable to see people out of the office on a Saturday, relaxing with their families, with no emails or phone calls coming in!  The highlight of the evening, for me, was the classic school yard game “4 Square” in my backyard concrete basketball court.  It started out with humble beginnings, but soon everyone wanted in!  We all took our best shot, but no one could take down Brian Mansfield, as the majority King Spot holder!  He won our traveling trophy, the City Wide Cup!  Congrats Brian, and thanks for making the trip up!